Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Kiddum - a Lego-school in Prague

Yesterday we visited the lego-school Kiddum to see what kind of a place it was. It is a school that offers courses in Lego for toddlers up to teens (and for parents who want to help build robots!). This is not just about the play - the school follows a special lego curriculum with materials from Lego, where some is not available to buy in shops. Children learn Czech with the help of lego in their course "Lego czech". Henry was very fond of Duplo technics - which we havent seen before. It is about the same as normal technics but the pieces are so big so you focus more on the mechanics because it is faster and easier to build with.

Duplo technics and lego curriculum. 

On Kiddum you just wont only play with Lego because it's fun, the learning goes a lot deeper than that. It focuses on problem solving and where to apply the mechanics and structures and see similarities between the way insects are moving and how a Technics insect would move. Here you learn programming with Scratch so that you can tell what the robots what to do. Someone here had built an insect robot!

In the classroom for smaller children the duplo lego is sorted neatly in boxes - with their curriculum.

There is a playroom as well where children can play for fun for 150 cz hour for a pair of siblings.

Kiddum is very homeschooling friendly. There is already a class here for some homeschoolers and they are flexible in arranging custom programs - I asked about a class focused on duplo technics and robot-building in English and they can do that. If you want to join or find out more about this you can send me a message on the message form on the right hand side.

Winston and I built our own kind of homemade robotic thing but without the motor when we got home. We really wished we had not had left our Lego scattered in three countries and lost all the instructions we had! But anyway, we will soon gather it and hopefully be able to build without instructions when we have taken some classes in the Lego school.

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