Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A long walk to the observatory in Prague

This weekend there was a lot of activities for kids in Prague as it was "kids" weekend. It was hard to choose from all the free activities that were on offer but in the end, we thought that the observatory would be a good idea because we wanted to check if we could arrange a workshop with them in english for the worldschoolers. We went all the way from Brevnov mostly on foot with kids on scooters and parents running after. The observatory is located at the top of a mountain called "Petrin". You can go by funicular to the top.

We came from another direction (Pohorelec) where we had a magnificent view of the beautiful old part of Prague. We took a break for a picnic under a tree and then continued. On the way up we found a small museum called "The magic cavern" with mystical paintings of naked fantasy characters..like a unicorn-mermaid! At the ground floor there was a room with sofas where the children could quench their thirst with lemonade and the parents with wine. It was nice to escape the heat for a while, and well worth the 70 czech crowns which we paid for the entrance.

The observatory had kids activities which were specific tasks to find out how the star constellations looked like, how a comet worked, why there were solar eclipses, and where you could try the telescope. Just because it was cloudy it was directed towards a tower far away.

There was thunder in the air. We had just enough time to complete all activities and hurry towards the funicular before the rain poured down. 

Are you interested in a worldschooling workshop for kids in the observatory? Get in touch with us! I think we need to be a few more families in order to arrange something there.

A film that shows the lovely promenade and things at the Observatory

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