Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Checking out Prague zoo

We went to Prague zoo to see what it was about. I usually dont like going to zoos because its a bit like visiting a prison. However it can be a really educational experience and in a weird way a zoo with a good standard could be good for the animal world as it spreads awareness and teaches you biology and about the world.

Most of the animals in Prague zoo have a good arrangement and enough space. The elephants even had a baby in the zoo which is a good sign for that. The Prague zoo is huge and for little feet it can be quite exhausting. A half day trip just seeing a few animals and play areas will be more than enough. The zoo is not expensive so you can come here several times. A tip: Mondays are happy mondays so its extra cheap!

We will most likely do more trips to the zoo this summer so we will post the dates in our calendar so check it out if you want to join us.

A viewing-tower

Beautiful tiger in a czech jungle!

One of the many play areas

Tibetan prayer wheels.

One area looks a little like in India.

Dont keep an eye on the kids for a sec and they will try to get in!

Up close with a hippo.

An otter eating a living fish - just like in real life.

We like Orangutans..they are very social..

..and not so different from us.

Spring time in Prague - full of flowers!

Fruit bat cave..in Bali we had a pet bat actually.

Huge play tower.. we had to put a stop to the visit.. it was too hot, and we will come back soon!

The chair lift is a little scary.. it looks like something left from the communism where you wonder if a screw will actually come loose..

Short video of the chair lift and some of the zoo.

Do you have any questions about Prague worldschooling? please comment below or send us a message.

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