Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Poetry thursdays

Katie has started a poetry Poetry Teatime club in cooperation with class acts. 

"First meeting is this week,

Poetry Teatimes will pair poetry with tea. Throughout the year we will meet monthly at a cozy cafe to sip tea, have a treat, and appreciate some of the best poetry and poets that have stood the test of time including,

William Blake, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Charles Dickens, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Rudyard Kipling, William Shakespeare, Emily Jane Bronte, Emily Dickinson, Beatrix Potter, and many more.

We will read a selection of American and British poetry together focusing on a theme each month including seasons, feelings, and creatures. Children will have the opportunity to write and share original work, but it will not be required. Additional optional activities will be offered such as going as a group to see a Shakespeare show together and planning a poetry performance for friends and family at the library.

WHERE: Sweetlife Vinohrady - U Vodárny 1226/6, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic
WHEN: Thursday afternoons once a month from 3:00-4:00
DATES: Sept. 15, Oct. 13th, Nov. 10th. Dec. 15th. (2017 dates to be announced at later date)
FEE: 200 kc per session – includes tea and cake

Any questions please contact Katie Barnes – and please register if you are interested with Class Acts"

Muddum arts world - on every 2nd and 4th saturday

We are really keen on going to this activity. So far every weekend has been full of activities and we have been superbusy renovating our flat - but those days are soon gone so we would like this one to be a regular one when we are in town. Hope that it will appeal to other Prague worldschoolers as well and that we will see you there next time, the 4th saturday of september :)

Kid's Weekend in Muddum
Saturday 17th: Art-World exploring African masks
Sunday 18th: Garabatos, learning Spanish through Art.
You can register at
Time: 10:30- 14:00
Price: 350kc

Plans and ideas for this and the coming week.

This week is a week when we sadly didnt have a lot of time to do worldschooling actitivies. Illnesses and renovations has kept us from it. Next week should be better, but we will be busy going to the Hackers congress, the biggest bitcoin-event in Europe at Paralelni Polis, and we have friends visiting so we will keep the worldschooling actitivities to a minimum. Hackers congress has free entrance for kids. It would be suitable for kids that are a little older. They have VR-games and drone presentations for instance.

We are in the talks with a local cafe near Hradcanska that has a perfect venue and contacts for arts, drama and music classes. If you are interested in this please let me know so they can plan the classes for us.

Another plan I have is to arrange a very basic survival course for small kids. What do you do if you get lost in the forest (or a city)? What can you eat in the forest? And what shouldnt you eat? How do you build a shelter and keep warm? What tricks can you use when you walk in the forest to prevent you getting lost, and what signs can you find in the nature to find your way back? Nothing complicated - just basic skills for small kids. Who would be interested in this? And who can point me in the right direction - where do I find a "deep" forest that is reachable with public transport from Prague that would be good for this? The course would be arranged at a small cost - about 200 kc per child and would be a half day trip.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Homeschooling lego classes starting now!

Next tuesday is the first day this autumn for one of our favourite activities - lego school! Its so much more than just play. We learn to build robots, some simple programming skills, a little of physics, math and engineering and other things that follows with building with lego.

This is not individual classes - you need to sign up for a few sessions - check with Kiddum lego school - and say that you want tuesday mornings to join the Prague worldschooling class if you want to do it.

Lego is a daily activity for our family :)

Forest play at obora hvezda friday 16th sept at 11 am

Since there were requests for forest play on friday also we will meet and play and have a picknick in Obora Hvezda in the play park in the middle of the forest, afterwards we will go to the trafic playground just outside - its a great place for biking and scooting! And if you have gun-crazy little rebels.. bring your nerfs! If you havent got any we will bring some spare ones.

Bring whatever you need to be comfortable in the forest and meet us at 11 there! Let us know if you are coming by sending us a message on the message box on the right hand side or at our facebook page

Another hot day! Swimming at Lake Lhota on thursday 15th sept at 10 am

Lets make the most of these hot days.Lets try a new place! We are going to Lake Lhota at about 10 tomorrow. Its a great outdoor place for families and we havent seen any better so lets go again tomorrow! It looks like the weather will turn shit after thursday. We need to do some hammock photos for our website. it would be great if someone would like to volunteer :) we will have 2 spare seats in our car. Message or facebook us if you are coming!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Tea Talk about homeschooling in the 21st century

Come and join us for a homeschooling tea talk with Katie Barnes and a couple of us homeschoolers here in Prague! We all homeschool in different ways and for different reasons. Find out what its like and what a homeschooler really is.

It is the wonderful alternative bitcoin cafe "A Maze in Tchaiovna" that is hosting on Monday 12th september at 7.30 PM

For more details see this facebook event.

Forest play in Obora Hvezda on Monday

We will meet and play and have a picknick in Obora Hvezda in the play park in the middle of the forest, afterwards we will go to the trafic playground just outside - its a great place for biking and scooting!

Bring whatever you need to be comfortable in the forest and meet us at 11:30 there! Let us know if you are coming by sending us a message on the message box on the right hand side or at our facebook page

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Do you want to be in our homeschooling swimming group?

I am putting together as a regular activity - swimming - once a week - for fun. some nice company and to learn to swim (and improve swimming) and a little exercise of course.

I have my eyes on the pool they are renovating in Holesovice. Will open on the 15th.

And this one - that looks fun with slides etc. Will open on the 28th sept.

Contact me if you want to be part of this.

Programming for kids - with Scratch and Codecademy

So its been a long summer with plenty of roadtrips for us and not a lot of structure and regular activities. Now we will stay put here for a while so we can start up regular activities again. One of our favourite is programming. We will do it in our house or in the bitcoin-cafe Paralelni Polis depending on how many we are.

We are no experts - but we have the right tools to learn the programming from Scratch - that is why we use Scratch. We help each other out and inspire each other. Its nice.

I hope more of you will come!

So - Wednesdays at 10. About 1,5 h. Bring your own laptop. In Holesovice - near Delnicka. Its good for kids from about 4 and up. Message me here or on the facebook page if you want to "sign up".

Boys and guns and bombs and chewbacca. Well, this is what they like.

Programming meet-ups at Paralelni Polis

I just wanted to recommend this activity for parents and older kids at the creative techie hub of Prag - Paralelni Polis. We will try this tomorrow! For info see the event here. Ive seen it being posted before so i should think its quite a regular activity.

Prague technical museum on tuesday 6/9

We are going to explore the technical museum at 1030 on this tuesday. Do you want to come with us? Send a message to me or on the facebookpage 

Here are the details about the museum. Its in Prague 7.

Prague english football school

Our kids loves sundays. Because its football day! We joined the prague english football school this spring, and also signed up our boys for the summer camp. They like it so much they cant wait for it to be sunday again. Its only us so far, the King-family, that have signed up, from the worldschoolers. We hope that more families will come and have some football-fun of course. The autumn term just started today. To sign up you can go to PEFS website. Im sure you can have a trial lesson before commiting. We play in Prague 6 near Divoka Sarka tram stop on Sundays at 10 am. We usually have a routine where we go to mcdonalds afterwards (that has a nice play park) or play a bit more football or have a walk in the beautiful Divoka Sarka reserve. Then chess.

The person behind PEFS: Sam Bizzell, and our little storm trooper Henry.

Chess for kids at Sundays!

Today we joined Chessnuts (a kids chess group) for a little game of chess at the somewhat alternative cafe A maze in Tchaiovna that is near the Hradcanska metro stop. We wanted to go here also because you can pay with bitcoin and they seem to have some interesting events. Its a cosy place with lots of board games and psychedelic bathroom paintings. Anyway, its just a group of parents and kids that likes playing chess for fun. There were americans, englishmen, and us swedes there. We will have this as a regular activity. Hope to see some Prague worldschoolers next weekend there too.