Friday, 31 March 2017

Spring..or is it summer now in Prague?

Its amazing how quick it goes. A few days ago it was cold and we had to wear jackets. Today its roasting, its so hot it feels like summer. Prague is blossoming. In a few days the grass has turned green and the trees have leaves.

This means its time for the worldschoolers to come out! We have hibernating. But now its time to organize spring and summer activities. 

So here is what we will do next week and we invite new worldschoolers of course to join us:

Tuesday afternoon - trip to botanical gardens

Wednesday - Czech lesson in the morning, parkour in the afternoon. (you need to sign up for a semester for parkour and let us know in advance for czech - which costs 150kc per child)

Thursday - International robocup (lego robot competition at kiddum - you need to sign up first HERE)

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Czech classes for kids and summer plans

In cooperation with Svoboda Skola, a democratic school, we can offer czech classes for kids. The lesson is 90 minutes and it costs 150kc per child.

For the summer programme starting at May I would like to know how many families would be interested in regular activities that would be free or at self cost. For instance programming, excursions, arts, football and anything else that you might like.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Worldschooling apartments in Prague

We have two apartments in Holesovice, which is a lovely part of town quite near the center and with plenty of things to do. Check out our Awesome family guide for Holesovice here. Check our our food guide for Holesovice here.

Both of the apartments are newly renovated and furnished with worldschooling and children in mind. We have lived 2 years as digital nomads and mainly stayed in Airbnb and hotels. We have learned something from each stay and implemented it in the design of these apartments. You will find things you really miss as a worldschooler, such as a proper fully equipped kitchen, toys, hammocks or hanging chairs and really fast internet.

The Maniny apartment is always for rent. We listed it on Airbnb 3 days ago and already have more than two months booked. Its available for some days in March, and from June for now. Prague is an ideal place to spend your summer. School holiday starts in july so if you stay here in june you will have the warm weather without the crowds. We are planning a special program for the summer. For july and august there is loads to do as the kids off from school needs something to do also. You will find things like summer camps and excursions and festival in plenty. The weather was very warm last summer so it is a great time to find a lake to hang out nere or a pool. There are some good places in town like Petynka.

The other flat which is five minutes walk away near the old brewery is the one we live in. We would love to do house swaps and rent it out short periods. For instance we are going away 7-27th april so if you have a place in a warm country around the meditteranean (we also considering Oman) please let us know. For the summer we can rent out or do house swaps for 2 weeks at a time until the first week in july. We are interested in everything in Europe for that time period, one thing that is important is decent internet as we work online.

On our other site we offer a bitcoin discount and possibility to book more than a week without airbnbs fees. You can book there or on our Airbnb listing. Get money off your first booking HERE if you are new to airbnb.

Our well equipped new kitchen in the Brewery flat.