Friday, 31 March 2017

Spring..or is it summer now in Prague?

Its amazing how quick it goes. A few days ago it was cold and we had to wear jackets. Today its roasting, its so hot it feels like summer. Prague is blossoming. In a few days the grass has turned green and the trees have leaves.

This means its time for the worldschoolers to come out! We have hibernating. But now its time to organize spring and summer activities. 

So here is what we will do next week and we invite new worldschoolers of course to join us:

Tuesday afternoon - trip to botanical gardens

Wednesday - Czech lesson in the morning, parkour in the afternoon. (you need to sign up for a semester for parkour and let us know in advance for czech - which costs 150kc per child)

Thursday - International robocup (lego robot competition at kiddum - you need to sign up first HERE)

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