Saturday, 22 April 2017

Plans for last part of april + what we did last week

Last week has been pretty busy, we have done something almost every day with the worldschoolers! The coming week my sister is visiting so I wont post many activities but there might be something happening in the Prague homeschooling group on Facebook - im not sure.

Sunday 23/4 For tomorrow our family will visit the Crocodile place where you can feed crocodiles at 1030 and 2pm. It would be nice if some worldschoolers would join us but it late notice i know and we plan to do this anyway

Monday 24/4 - Visit to the Prague zoo at 1030. They have great play parks and discounts on mondays.

Wednesday 26/4 - Czech lesson at 1030 - we have space for one more family to join us regularly.

Friday - 28/4 - Not settled yet - we might go to the Technical museums science workshop in the morning.

Please get in touch before if you want to join any of these activities.

Here is a video of our underground visit in the 100 year old (not in use) sewers and waste water management plant. This is a very cool place if you love stuff with cogs and wheels and running through the sewer pipes :)

We also had an extra interesting day in the Czech class (which is very much respectful to kids and fun for them) with "den zeme" ("earth day") theme learning about sustainability and what different types of rubbish is called that you can build houses from.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Worldschooling activities 18-22nd april

Activities for worldschoolers and homeschoolers this coming week

Tuesday 18th april - 11 Excursion to Trnkova Zahrada garden place if it will be good weather. for bad weather we will meet at the crocodile zoo in holesovice.  We will decide in the morning which one so if you are planning to come check our facebook group and message us.

Wednesday - 19th april - Czech lesson in the morning 1030 at a democratic school - we have place for one more family.

Thursday 20th april - Underground tour in the afternoon. Either the public tour at 2 pm or a school tour - im waiting for confirmation.

Friday 21st april - Homeschooling meeting at Mala Chuchle Radotinska. This is a nice forest walk near Smichov. Meet at 1:30 at bus stop Mala Chuchle. we will then walk through the forest, passing by the mini-zoo and several playgrounds. Bring picnic food, there is a small restaurant at the mini-zoo with goulash and sausages. The walk ends at bus stop Raditinska

For these activities we need to know in advance if you are coming. 

Saturday 22nd april  - Czech Homeschool science fair. .

Some pics from last week.

Obora Hvezda - Wood anemones

5 families from different countries came to the meeting

Spontaneous sunday meeting at the tram museum with another family

Bike park near Obora hvezda

Easter crafts at czech lesson in Svobodna Skola

Ginger bread happy easter!

Parkour at Svobodna Skola

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Easter plans

This is our plans for easter

Friday 14th april - forest play in Obora Hvezda at 1 pm. This wonderful little forest is easy to reach with tram 22 and 25, we will meet up in the play park in the middle. Perfect for den building, picnic. Bring nerfs and scooters or bikes if you want. Just outside there is a practise biking park which is really nice.

Weekend nature trip - This coming weekend we are keen on an out of town adventure trip - not exactly decided what yet because it depends on the weather. If you have a car and would like to join us let us know! It will either be a cave visit (if its raining), rafting or a nature full day trek.

Saturday 15th april - Weekend easter crafts on a Maze in Tchaoivna. Im not sure we are going but it seems a nice activity!

If you are worldschooling or homeschooling in Prague you are welcome to join us, just let us know before and if you are new introduce yourself please :)

Sunday, 2 April 2017

An adventure day in the magical Kokořín-forest


A short drive north of Prague you will find the magical Kokořín-forest. It's a big wild forest with cool sandstone pillars, caves and some impressive sand stone sculptures by the Czech artist Václav Levý.

We got the coordinates from a friend and went on a half day family excursion for a walk in the forest and to build a den. We found the big stone sculptures "čertovy hlavy" (devils heads) which was unexpected because we thought this was just a normal forest trip.

30-40 minutes north of Prague.

Baking hot!

We have had some amazing summer weather in the end of march and the first days of April. It has been 20-25 degrees hot and the nature is in full bloom, mostly, in the forest its not so green yet but there is a few hepaticas and wood anemones.

This day was perfect for building a den using only a knife so that was what we did. The boys likes a YouTube channel called"Primitive technology" that is run by an Australian guy that can make almost anything just with this hands. This is their favourite video where he builds a hut with clay tiles and a clay oven.

Through the primitive technology channel, we have learned to make "strings" with the soft bark from young trees. We didnt finish the den as it was getting dark so lets hope its still there for a next time.

"Tie" sticks with a "string" made of bark.

Figuring out what the next step is..

"Roof tiles" from a pine tree that had fallen down.

After some time it started to get dark so we had to leave the den building project for a next time.

On the way back we found lots of dens in various styles that people had built. Quite the right forest for den building materials!

Porous sandstone with many holes. A natural climbing wall.

A big hole for us too!

We drove back another way and got this amazing view of the Kokořín Castle. The road wriggled its way into the dense forest between steep stone pillars and hanzel and gretel house-style family-pubs with playgrounds, of course. This will be a trip for the next time when we are in this area. Then we'll also go on a longer trek and look at the rest of the sculptures and caves. Since we were busy with our den building we didnt have time to walk the trails that were there. Anyone who wants to make a longer trek can go all the way to the castle. There are many interesting things to see in the forest such as caves, a monastery, beautiful carved stone figures and mysterious stone pillars.