Sunday, 16 April 2017

Worldschooling activities 18-22nd april

Activities for worldschoolers and homeschoolers this coming week

Tuesday 18th april - 11 Excursion to Trnkova Zahrada garden place if it will be good weather. for bad weather we will meet at the crocodile zoo in holesovice.  We will decide in the morning which one so if you are planning to come check our facebook group and message us.

Wednesday - 19th april - Czech lesson in the morning 1030 at a democratic school - we have place for one more family.

Thursday 20th april - Underground tour in the afternoon. Either the public tour at 2 pm or a school tour - im waiting for confirmation.

Friday 21st april - Homeschooling meeting at Mala Chuchle Radotinska. This is a nice forest walk near Smichov. Meet at 1:30 at bus stop Mala Chuchle. we will then walk through the forest, passing by the mini-zoo and several playgrounds. Bring picnic food, there is a small restaurant at the mini-zoo with goulash and sausages. The walk ends at bus stop Raditinska

For these activities we need to know in advance if you are coming. 

Saturday 22nd april  - Czech Homeschool science fair. .

Some pics from last week.

Obora Hvezda - Wood anemones

5 families from different countries came to the meeting

Spontaneous sunday meeting at the tram museum with another family

Bike park near Obora hvezda

Easter crafts at czech lesson in Svobodna Skola

Ginger bread happy easter!

Parkour at Svobodna Skola

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