Saturday, 22 April 2017

Plans for last part of april + what we did last week

Last week has been pretty busy, we have done something almost every day with the worldschoolers! The coming week my sister is visiting so I wont post many activities but there might be something happening in the Prague homeschooling group on Facebook - im not sure.

Sunday 23/4 For tomorrow our family will visit the Crocodile place where you can feed crocodiles at 1030 and 2pm. It would be nice if some worldschoolers would join us but it late notice i know and we plan to do this anyway

Monday 24/4 - Visit to the Prague zoo at 1030. They have great play parks and discounts on mondays.

Wednesday 26/4 - Czech lesson at 1030 - we have space for one more family to join us regularly.

Friday - 28/4 - Not settled yet - we might go to the Technical museums science workshop in the morning.

Please get in touch before if you want to join any of these activities.

Here is a video of our underground visit in the 100 year old (not in use) sewers and waste water management plant. This is a very cool place if you love stuff with cogs and wheels and running through the sewer pipes :)

We also had an extra interesting day in the Czech class (which is very much respectful to kids and fun for them) with "den zeme" ("earth day") theme learning about sustainability and what different types of rubbish is called that you can build houses from.

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