Sunday, 26 June 2016

Our visit to Prachovske Skaly

Thanks to the family that came with us I can post a beautiful drone video of these amazing rock formationas on our blog. We had a great day there, and surely will make another trip that might be a 2 day trip to see the castles as well.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Day trip to the caves - Friday

We heard the Konepruske Jeskyne caves are beautiful, and thursday predicts a little rain but quite hot weather so its a perfect cave day!

Come along with us on a full day cave trip and walk in the countryside! You have to drive there. If you dont have a car please check with us - maybe someone can take you. If you have a car - please tell me how many spaces and ill try to coordinate the car rides. 

We will meet at the location at 11 am on thursday 1st july. Please email us beforehand to let us know if you are coming. For directions see the link about and google maps - its quite close to Beroun - not so far from Prague.

Hot weather on Wednesday again - half day trip to Zlute lazne

Come with on an afternoon in Zlute lazne. We will meet at the kids corner from 12 pm. There are plenty of things to do in Zlute lazne and its quite popular so better to go before the czech school holidays. You can play beach volley, rent rollerblades, go on pedal boats, swim, play in play parks etc. All details HERE.

Obora Hvezda Forest play

We will meet and play and have a picknick in Obora Hvezda

Bring whatever you need to be comfortable in the forest and meet us at 2 pm by the gate! It is visible from the obora hvezda tram stop (on the other side of the field, tram 22 or take 25 to Vypich) Let us know if you are coming by sending us a message on the message box on the right hand side. Please include your phone number so that we can reach you in case we cant find you.

We might also go to the traffic play ground afterwards so bring a bike / scooter if you want.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bee family tour on Saturday the 2/7

On july the 2nd. the bee farm outside of Prague has a special family bee tour day. So we will be there! Do you want to go also? Its a great opportunity to learn about bees in English. See the information from the bee farm below:


We will tailor the tour to the age of your children, children under five can view the hives from a distance, those over 5 can tour a hive and apiary.

We will lend you a full-body bee suit that includes a veil and covers every part of your skin, as well as thick gloves.

!All participants should wear appropriate footwear, sturdy shoes or boots are best!

The tour takes approx. 2 hours

 If you want to come to that you will need to register at

Monday, 20 June 2016

Water play fun on tuesday afternoon

There is a little park near Hladkov tram stop (25) that has a great little water play ground and normal play ground too. its usually not busy and its suitable for small kids. we will go there to play on tuesday afternoon - message us if you are coming!

Its good to bring spare clothes, and little boats to play with there.

On friday it will be..HOT! so come swimming at Petynka

Weather is predicted to be sunny and 34c. So we will look for a place to cool down on Friday.

Petynka is great for hot days in Prague - and better to visit before the school holidays. There are pools, a slide and very nice play park and beer garden (of course!)

If you want to come please message me and leave your phone number in case we cant find you - it would be best to meet up at the kids area.

More info

Day trip to the grand canyon of Czech republic

On thursday I am planning to go to a really cool place for a day trip, so if anyone comes along we plan to leave Prague about 9 and spend the whole day there. Message me latest the day before to let me know. More info here

Kiddum lego pirate ship on sunday

The lego school, Kiddum, has an event on Sunday morning, for building a pirate ship. We might go to that! Info HERE

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Chef picnic 25th june 11-3 pm

We at Prague Worldschooling and Dana with Camomile - The Healthy Kids Cooking (and eating!) Community are taking on a Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Challenge! As many of you know, famous chef Jamie Oliver is travelling the world, tirelessly working on a food revolution, to help kids and families eat more healthy. One of his summer challenges is to bring families together by sharing thier traditional dishes from their home countries. Please join us at Stromovka Park for a picnic and bring a favorite dish from your home culture to share. We want to appreciate and learn about new foods and meet new people. Here are some possible recipes for the event shared by Jamie Oliver... Drinks will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Slapy lake excursion!

We will find a place to cool us down and have some fun in the water - at Slapy lake! south of Prague. You can drive here or take public transport. For details where to meet up etc please send us a message. At Slapy there are beaches, pedal boats, other water activities, play parks etc. Find more info about Slapy lake here

EDIT: We are checking which dates suits most people so please let us know which dates are good for you

Picnic with Class acts 19/6 from 3 pm

Come for picnic with class acts - a learning community in Prague. Its an excellent opportunity to find out more about their activities and summer camp.

It will take place in the magnificent park Obora Hvezda, at Bila Hora, Prague 6, on Sunday 19th June from 3pm. Bring your picnic blankets and goodies to share and enjoy after a run through Obora Hvězda. All Class Acts students (all ages), members and friends are welcome.

Meeting point: Side gate to Obora Hvězda – Libocká brána

What to bring: outdoor clothes (accordingly the weather), blanket, yummies and goodies, all the fun toys you can think of, pen and paper for the quiz. This event is free of charge. Please sign up to let us know you will be coming. Register here

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Checking out the military plane museum

The other day we went to check out the military airplane-museum in Prague because we had heard that it was "free" and we like airplanes so we thought it might be fun to see. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many planes as we thought this was just a small exhibition. (Wonder who paid for it?) There were several hangars with the oldest planes and there were many fighter jets and helicopters on outdoors. There was even a Swedish SAAB Draken J-35. There was a cafe where you could buy hot dogs for just a dollar and a beer for slightly more. We didnt have time to see everything but we will happily go here again. This is a great day out for worldschooling in Prague. You can go here by public transport. Directions are available on the link above.

A canon from the fifties.

A real space capsule that had been in space 190 hours.

A czech and a russian have sat in here.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Programming / Animation workshop for younger kids

We got together our laptops and 4 of our kids to trial a programming "lesson". Well, we dont really know so much about programming but we help each other out, and it is a bit informal, like in our kitchen.

Anyway, the trial was a success, kids enjoyed it and it turned out that about 90 minutes was about the right amount of time to sit still and concentrate, so we will do this again, as a regular thing on Wednesdays.

We use the free program called "scratch" (that is by the MIT). It is really fun, you can make your own things there and there is plenty of helpful hints so a parent that isnt a programmer also can learn. If you want to be in the programming workshops you will need a laptop and as many kids of your own that you can manage from age 4 and up, and some computer knowledge. You will need to guide your own kids. Please register with scratch before. We also use other programs like Codecademy, Tynker and hour of code. Its all good fun.

The workshop will be on wednesdays 10-11.30 am in Holesovice. Please send us a message if you want to come in good time before, and I will reply with the adress.

We speak english - but we hope that czech families can join us as well - so hopefully we can mix the two languages :) If we will be more than 3-4 families we will change the location to a nearby cafe - probably paralelni polis.

Our 4-year old made this one. Chewbacca shooting at the building and bombs etc.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Forest play and picknick at Divoka Sarka - Monday 13/6

We will go on a day out to the lake at Divoka Sarka. Bring picknick and what you want for a few hours out in the nature. If you want to come, please message us so that we will know how many that are coming. We will meet at 11 am at the tram stop. If its really hot we could agree on changing the plan to go to the pool there also, so in that case bring swimwear

Join us this friday for Kungfu and a little market at a bookstore!

A second hand bookstore here in Prague called Brown Box Books hosts various events, including one called First Friday, which is held on the first Friday of the month at 4:30. It offers an activity for kids, food and drinks, a wide selection of books at a discount and a chance to get together with other families. Join us this Friday for a kung fu workshop and our kids will be baking and selling some sweet treats as part of the event. They are very excited about this. Great worldschooling opportunity!