Thursday, 2 June 2016

Programming / Animation workshop for younger kids

We got together our laptops and 4 of our kids to trial a programming "lesson". Well, we dont really know so much about programming but we help each other out, and it is a bit informal, like in our kitchen.

Anyway, the trial was a success, kids enjoyed it and it turned out that about 90 minutes was about the right amount of time to sit still and concentrate, so we will do this again, as a regular thing on Wednesdays.

We use the free program called "scratch" (that is by the MIT). It is really fun, you can make your own things there and there is plenty of helpful hints so a parent that isnt a programmer also can learn. If you want to be in the programming workshops you will need a laptop and as many kids of your own that you can manage from age 4 and up, and some computer knowledge. You will need to guide your own kids. Please register with scratch before. We also use other programs like Codecademy, Tynker and hour of code. Its all good fun.

The workshop will be on wednesdays 10-11.30 am in Holesovice. Please send us a message if you want to come in good time before, and I will reply with the adress.

We speak english - but we hope that czech families can join us as well - so hopefully we can mix the two languages :) If we will be more than 3-4 families we will change the location to a nearby cafe - probably paralelni polis.

Our 4-year old made this one. Chewbacca shooting at the building and bombs etc.

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