Saturday, 4 June 2016

Checking out the military plane museum

The other day we went to check out the military airplane-museum in Prague because we had heard that it was "free" and we like airplanes so we thought it might be fun to see. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many planes as we thought this was just a small exhibition. (Wonder who paid for it?) There were several hangars with the oldest planes and there were many fighter jets and helicopters on outdoors. There was even a Swedish SAAB Draken J-35. There was a cafe where you could buy hot dogs for just a dollar and a beer for slightly more. We didnt have time to see everything but we will happily go here again. This is a great day out for worldschooling in Prague. You can go here by public transport. Directions are available on the link above.

A canon from the fifties.

A real space capsule that had been in space 190 hours.

A czech and a russian have sat in here.

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