Monday, 29 May 2017

Nerf war at Obora hvězda

We dont have a lot planned this week. Unfortunately our youngest got lyme disease from a tick so he is on antibiotics and we have to stay out of the strong sun. A shame really. This week offers perfect swimming weather. I hope the world schoolers can get together without us and enjoy the sun. There are plenty of swimming options in Prague. Some easy ones g
to get to are : Petynka swimming pool and the water play park at hladkov tram stop, there is also a lake you can get to (Hostivař reserve). Watch out for the ticks though, we got our one from Petynka and that was even after what i thought was a thorough check!

So this week Im only arranging the nerf war. We will meet at 1pm at the star building in the obora hvezda forest. Its a lovely place which is good for a picknick and some den building also. There are two play parks. The field by the star building is best for the nerf war for finding bullets. The easiest way to get there is tram 22 or 25 to either obora hvezda or vypich. You will see the gate to the forest there and just walk on the gravel path until you get to the star building (cant be missed). Let me know if you are coming!

Picture of some nerf fighters from last summer :)

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Cave tour, swimming, news, etc this coming week 22nd - 26th may

Activities for worldschoolers and homeschoolers this coming week

Tuesday 23rd - Weather is looking good for this day so we are planning for outdoor swimming at the lovely Petynka pool. We will meet at 12. You can bring your own picknick and drinks, they also have a pub (of course) where they sell some fast food etc. This place has a nice play ground and very good pool for small kids. You can park here or take the tram to Malovanka and walk over the bridge. Directions.

Wednesday 24th - Czech lesson in the morning 1030 at a democratic school - this is not a drop in class. Its a regular activity until and after the summer, in a non-authoritarian playful way. We have space for one more family.

Thursday 25th - It looks like its going to rain this day. We havent planned anything but are open to suggestions if you have any :)

Friday  - 26th - Visit to KONĚPRUSKÉ JESKYNĚ (caves near Beroun. We will try to get a tour at 11. This might change however depending on the qtty in the group etc. Its best to get there by car, otherwise possible to take train to Beroun and walk 5 km. Directions. We have 3 extra spaces in our car and could offer a ride from Holesovice. Bring picknick and drinks! And something warm to wear in the cave plus good shoes. If it doesnt rain we will make a combination trip to Velka amerika as well.

Some videos from last week.

Arts workshop at DOX. We are planning a repeat soon the their other programme for schools. Likely first week of june on a thursday or friday. Do you want to go on it? Message me!

The water play park at Hladkov is excellent for homeschooling play dates on hot days. This will be a regular spot during the summer. Just near the tram stop Hladkov, free, play park as well, very good when its not school holidays :)

Checking the interest for the summer and autumn. I would like to start regular workshops and "study circles" for these "subjects". Let me hear what you think and if you have any suggestions too!

Math study circle with Khan academy etc

Wood work

Informal football club for kids ages about 4-10.

Kids yoga/gymnastics. Lets get enough families and we can rent a teacher and place!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Bunker tour, art workshop and more! 8-21st may

Prague nuclear bunker tour thursday 11/5 at 1 pm 

Very cool place! Unique collection of cold war items. Interesting for adults and kids. I have arranged a tour for us! It costs 100 cz for adults and free for kids - you will pay me with the exact money at the place. Public transport easy - we will meet at tram stop 15 mins before or outside of there. More info at

Art workshop friday 19/5 at 11 am. - join us for a tour!

I have arranged an arts workshop at the DOX museum in holesovice for us. its a special workshop for homeschoolers in english :) Do you want to come? its on friday 19th at 11 am. the cost is 300 czk per family no matter if you have one or six kids! A deposit of 100 czk must be paid to me so i wont be out of pocket, either by seeing me before or send to my paypal so ill know youll definitely come. We need at least 3 families to make it happen. Dont miss this great opportunity. This is suitable for children in most ages. You will get to see the cool zeppelin on the top and learn about gullivers travels!

Will be updated as im adding stuff: