Sunday, 19 May 2019

Canoe trip to Sazava

The worldschoolers are going canoeing on Sazava on the 22nd, we will take the train to Tynec nad Sazavou, rent canoes and then get back. Each person is responsible for their own arrangement, If you want to join us send a message!

You can book canoes here and here

Monday, 29 April 2019

Welcome to the Worldschooling family retreat 12th-21st July 2019

This summer, the very first worldschooling retreat in the Czech Republic will be held. It is based on freedom and respect with a focus on self-directed learning and is organized by the Czech unschooling organization 'Svoboda Učení' which translates to English as 'freedom to learn'. Their manifesto tells us that their unschooling philosophy is based on the non-aggression principle and respect for the child by counteracting adultism. This is something that should be obvious but isnt in our state-run culture. It is about respecting the individuals (i.e. the childs) needs over the societys. It's about practicing peaceful parenting.

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Worldschooling is about learning from and about the world. You can do it in different ways: by traveling, living in different countries, or inviting different aspects from other parts of the world into your home environment. You don't have to be present physically in another place if you don't want to or can't do it. Worldschooling can be done in different ways, such as unschooling on the move or by going to school in different countries. All worldschoolers, unschoolers, home schoolers or families who are about to take that path are welcome to the retreat.

Anyone who has not started their worldschooling journey yet will have a fantastic opportunity to get their questions answered, meet like-minded people and be inspired. There will be families attending from Sweden, Germany, Spain and different parts of the world. The main language is English.

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What is it?

The format is simple. There are some fixed activities and speakers, but attendance is voluntary and there is plenty of room for spontaneous workshops and activities arranged on site by the participants. The participants of the retreat are expected to respect each other and the children as well as to tolerate differences. There will be at least one discussion event where problem solving and the non-aggression-principle are discussed.

Every camp usually have 4 community meetings that are voluntary to attend but for the community spirit it's a good idea to go to them.

A typical day may look like this:

9:00 AM - Mindfulness / Yoga

10:00 - Juggling / wood working / baking (workshop)

13:00 - Light lunch (soup, salad and homemade bread)

14:00 - Body painting with henna / making barefoot sandals / slackline workshop

17:00 - Dinner

18:30 - Daily meeting

19:00 - Lecture / discussion / group meeting / sauna / concert / disco / film

During the same period, the festival "Collective awareness" is held in Poland, a short drive away as it is close to the border. There are various kinds of workshops including Capoeira, there are concerts and food in various forms. This can be fun to make an excursion to if you want.

The final program comes out about 2 weeks before.

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Confirmed speakers:

Elin Morgan - Elin runs Worldschooling Andalusia Hub in La Herradura in Spain:

Helena Houdová - Helena is a humanitarian Czech top model who is a trendsetter here for unschooling & worldschooling:

Lucie Tatransky - Lucie has a Czech worldschooling & unschooling family and is working as a translator:

Caroline King - I will tell you about our escape from Sweden and about our worldschooling life in exile. I also run this worldschooling community in Prague.

Lainie Liberti - Lainie left the US with her son in 2009. It was through her at a lecture in 2013 that I heard the word "Worldschooling" for the first time.

What does it cost? What are the options for accommodation?

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Option A) - Indoors
You will stay in the SvobodUm unschooling farm or in the pension U Můrinek which is located 300m from SvobodUm. (the retreat is held at SvobodUm)
Adult or child over 15 years: EUR 300 (or CZK 7500)
Children 3-14 years: EUR 152 (or CZK 3800)
Children 0-2 years: free (without dinner and without bed)

The price includes 9 nights in comfortable and fully equipped rooms (with bed linen, towels, toilet paper and soap) and a dinner each day (see section below on food and cooking). Please note that due to special room sizes you can be placed together with another family.

Option B - Outdoor

You will stay in your own tent or caravan.
Adult or children over 15 years: EUR 196 (or CZK 4900)
Children 3-14 years / year: 112 EUR (or 2800 CZK)
Children 0-2 years: free (without dinner)

The price includes 9 nights , access to toilet, bathroom with shower, fully equipped kitchen (kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, sandwich grill) and other interior spaces of SvobodUm. It also includes a dinner every day.
Food and cooking

During the camp you will be able to cook in a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, there will be a joint dinner every day. You will be able to choose between a vegetarian or meat alternative.The menu plan will be shared a few weeks before.

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How do I register?

You sign up HERE on this Google form.

How do I pay?

The preferred payment method is Bitcoin. You can pay directly with Bitcoin. If you are new to Bitcoin you can learn how it works, how to use it and why we prefer it at

There will be options to pay with fiat currency also, though it hasnt been announced yet. I would think that the organisation has a paypal / bank account also.


The retreat is held in July 12th-21st 2019

Where and how do I get there?

SvobodUm - the unschooling farm in the Czech Republic can be found in the north of Czech republic close to the borders of Poland and Germany. It is located in the village of Jindrichovice pod Smrkem. It takes about 2-2.5 hours to drive there from Prague. If you fly to Czech Republic it is best to rent a car in Prague. It is cheap and easy to drive here. It is possible to get there by public transport as well, but it takes quite a while as there are several changes. The best thing to do is to use Google maps or for navigation.

What's in the direct neighborhood?

This is a small alternative village where one can find a democratic school, many home-schooling families, mud houses and permaculture among other things. The village is next to a beautiful mountain area. There you can ski and hike in the mountains. There is a cable car that goes up to the top. (in Świeradów-Zdrój in Poland). There are only small food stores in the village itself so you shop best in Poland or on the way there. There is an opportunity to buy raw milk and eggs as well as maybe some fruit and vegetables in the village.

This is an interesting area where 3 countries meet. There is a large swimming lake with a beach in Germany within a short drive and beautiful scenery around. The stay at SvobodUm will involve some excursions and adventures in the area. We recommend that you reserve a few days to see more so you can for example explore the fantastic nature in Bohemian paradise, or a fairytale castle like Karlstejn. You are also welcome to Prague to meet us worldschoolers here after the retreat.

Hope you decide to come to the retreat. We have personally visited Svobodum and met some of the people behind Svoboda Uceni and can recommend activitities like this with them.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

April and Easter for the worldschoolers


We offer a couple of planned events bringing together the worldschoolers this April:

Worldschooling picnic in Stromovka

This is a "typical" worldschooling event here in Prague. This park is so good not much planning is needed. We have to go with the flow. If the weather is wamr, bring your water guns and some extra clothes! To my knowledge the rope boat hasnt been put out yet but lets hope it will be there, otherwie there are plenty of activities. We found some frog eggs and have a project for that at home (intervening in nature, but if we manage to not kill this lot the frogs should be thankful as the survival ratio is 5 adult frogs in 2000 eggs..)

We will bring a ball and blanket and some Swedish snacks to share. We hope as many of you can come to meet new and old friends.

When? Tuesday 16th of April, at 1 pm and onwards.

See facebook event to notify youre coming or send a message here.

Join us for a steam train ride 

Come on an out of town trip to the railway museum in Luzna with the worldschoolers! Youd be able to see lots of trains and go on a steam train ride. We might combine this with a short trip to the Krivoklat castle. You need to get there yourself from Prague and arrange your entry tickets yourself. We recommend you go there by car. The ones that are interested please send PM and we will keep in touch via PM how we meet up and about the schedule. You can find more info about the event on

When? Friday 19th of April, at 9.30 pm and onwards.

See facebook event to notify youre coming or send a message here.

Apart from that we dont have much planned for now apart from a libertarian homeschooling mums pub night next wednesday (17th) that you are welcome to join also. 

We often do trips out of town, there are so many lovely forests and nature places around. If you would like to join us for an excursion (you need a car) let us know. We meet up spontaneously in the parks Stromovka, Letna and Petrin quite often and welcome new and old friends to join us.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Spring for the worldschoolers

Spring is here and the trees are blossoming. Finally! I will arrange some official meet-ups and activities which you are all welcome to join. Our group is active but mostly spontaneous so I dont list those events. If you would like to come with us to the parks and museums in Prague you can PM and we will notify you when the next meet-up is.

So official meet-ups for the coming week and next is:

Petrin playground and walk Friday 22/3

We will meet at the playground above the Lanovka climbing train, go for a walk among the blossoming trees and take the lanovka to the top and walk there towards the castle. Join us on this beautiful walk. Bring a picnic if youd like. This can be a half day or full day trip.

And then:

Prague zoo Monday 25/3

Monday has happy monday prices and the zoo in Prague is fantastic! There is an amazing play ground and so many animals so usually we just see a fraction. This time we will try to make it to the savannah and elephants at least. Would you like to come with us? Mark yourself as coming and PM us to let us know you are coming for sure. We will meet at 10.30 by the gates or penguins. We recommend bringing a picnic. If we are in the mood we can take the boat to Stromovka afterwards and walk through there.

Do you want to suggest a meet-up or activity? Please do!

Sunday, 17 February 2019

10 lovely forests and child-friendly nature excursions in Prague

What´s probably most fascinating here in Central Europe is the amazing nature that feels very special. It reminds me in many ways about Gotland in Sweden´s magically beautiful cliff landscape because of the surroundings around Prague that is based on a several 100 million-year-old seabed. The landscape here is dramatic with many ravines, caves and strange rock formations. You can find fossils and dinosaur tracks if you are looking in the right place. Some of the better specimens of mammoth bones have been found here in the Czech Republic. One can imagine that mysteriously cone-shaped mountains once had been volcanoes.

In order to find the beautiful scenery, you don´t need to go far from the city. You can even find the exciting nature in the city and get to the areas that I mention here with the public transportation. But one thing is certain, that it isnt as wild and breathtaking near the city but still quite okay to get your nature dose that you are longing for. You can see old and new traces of humanity everywhere in the most easily accessible nature such as strange statues and mini-chapels, and quite a lot of graffiti that the Prague teenagers seem to have a penchant for. The best nature areas are therefore, in my opinion, outside the local traffic network, but there are many gems in and around the city. These are our favorites:

Obora Hvezda

Translated from Czech, it roughly means "the star-park". This forest / park has been named by the beautiful star-shaped castle-like building in the middle of it. It is located in Prague 6 which is easy to reach by both tram and metro. In the spring, the ground is covered with wood anemones and wild garlic. Many of the trees are covered in ivy. There are several playgrounds and a traffic playground outside. This place is suitable for picnics and family meet-ups.

 Ďáblicky Haj

This forest is slightly off the beaten path in Prague 8 but is still relatively easy to reach by tram. It´s very nice to spend a day in it. There is a large play area with several barbecue spots and many beautiful ravines and cliffs. There is also an observatory at the top.

Lysolaje Udoli

Údolí means "valley" in Czech. This is a nature area where you can walk around in a valley or rather in sort of a mini-canyon as it is very steep. The natural landscape is quite dramatic. There are also exciting things that humanity has left behind - including a cold spring water pool, chapels and statues here and there. The valley is located in Prague 6 and is most easily reached by car. You can also walk through Divoká Šárka to get there.

Tiche Udoli

The "quiet valley" is quite deafening when there are incoming airplanes as they go in for landing at the airport over this forest but otherwise it seems to be pretty quiet there. There are some wild animals that you can read about on the informative signs. We saw a gray heron and a squirrel as well as various common birds. There seemed to be traces of otters or beavers in the stream as well. It is easiest to get there by car, but there are also buses from Prague.


This forest, located in Prague 5, is quite central and easy to reach by bus 123 which goes up the hill. Here are both deciduous and coniferous trees. There are a few playgrounds and picnic huts, as well as some ponds, a number of statues, caves / tunnels, a mini-castle that you can walk up in and a lot of other interesting things. There is a stream to play in too.

 Divoká Šárka

"Wild Šarka" is a nature reserve in Prague 6 that extends to the two valleys mentioned above. It's big and wild for being so close to the city. There are dramatic cliffs and ravines that the stream meanders its way through. There is also a pond where you can swim in and spring water pools. Although it´s partly tamed by humans, there are surprisingly wild areas that fit well for a day-trip. It is easy to reach the nature reserve by public transport or by car.


This nature area is located in Prague 8 and is pretty close to Dáblice so you can explore both areas the same day if you want. We went there on a sunny autumn day and parked in Cimice (which you can also go by bus to). We walked in the valley along the Cimice stream and then crossed the fields and meadows to get to the lookout picnic spot near the river. There is a big drop there, maybe 80 m high, so it is definitely not suitable for toddlers and babies but the view is quite nice. You can skip that part if you have littles as there is plenty of other things to explore. There is also a small lake.


This forest is probably our kids favorite. It´s located in Prague 4 and is a fairly large natural area. Friends who live near have reported wild animal herds of different kinds. If you don't see them, you might be content with the mini-zoo there. There is an excellent forest pub with outdoor playground and large areas to run around. The children's favorite place is the stream where there is blue clay and the playground with fireplace where you can have a bbq.

Mala Chuchle

This forest called "Little Chuchle" is located next to "Big Chuchle" which we haven´t visited yet. It´s a large forest in Prague 5 which is a little more tricky to reach but you can both take the bus or drive. We went there on an ice cold winter day. You have to go up a really steep hill to get to the In hindsight I would definitely not have taken the stroller with me. We all had to push it up the worst bits. But the nature is beautiful and the mini-zoo at the top of the hill has a playground and quite a few animals. In the summer, the pub will be open too. At the "entrance" there is a beautiful church.

Prokopske Udoli

The Prokop Valley is also located in Prague 5. This is an area rich in fossils. You can find them in the stream and on the slopes. The valley, like the others we explored in Prague, is dramatically steep. Here it´s possible to get up on the hill and then you can walk past a natural well with drinking water. There are barbecue areas, playgrounds and several areas for picnics. It´s easy to get there with the tram. The pub on the way down to the valley has a large playground and good food which can be good to know if you don´t bring food.

Google maps with mentioned nature areas above. However, you will find your way easiest by using Then you will see the markings for wells, view points and points of interest that are not listed on Google.

Monday, 11 February 2019

Holesovice tips and worldschooling apartment

We wanted to share some nice tips from our neighbourhood which is close to the amazing Stromovka park in Holesovice and that we have a worldschooling apartment here that we rent out. It is a available from March. We are ideally looking for mid or long term guests. The apartment is conveniently located quite near the center on Delnicka street but away from the hustle and bustle there. It is fully equipped with everything a digital nomad worldschooling family would need. There are great activities and food options - most just within a few minutes walk or a short tram ride away. 

Here are some cool ideas that you can do in Holesovice and get a feel what it could be like to live there. If you already live in Prague we really recommend a trip out here. It is fairly quiet and full of nice surprises.

1 - Krokodyli zoo 

Here you can see crocodiles, turtles and such. Last time we were there we got to hold a snake.

2 - Take the P7 Boat to the other side 

This cute little boat is part of the public transport system so its a very economical and fun way to travel in Prague. It goes to the island and Karlin. On the other side in Karlin there is a beach pub with hammocks and an alternative play area. Karlin is nice to walk around in. The boat goes from the market, a few minutes walk away.

3 - Bitcoin cafe Paralelni Polis

This unique place is on Delnicka street, the same street as the worldschooling apartment. You can only pay with cryptocurrency. The staff is helpful for people new to this. There is an ATM there where you can change cash. Its a cosy place to play chess in a rainy day. There is coworking and events.

4 - Playground Sedmikraska 

This is a great little park for both small kids and big kids. There is an exercise part and football/basketball place. There is water which is good for hot summer days. Its inside of walls so the small ones cant escape easily.

5 - Vnitroblok and around

It is on Delnicka street. Here you have an alternative hipster co-working space, artsy activities, entreprenerial spirit. There is a school bus on the yard service burgers. There are interesting things to check out. There is a cafe, cinema, dancing etc.

6 - Prague market and vegetable hall 22

About 5 minutes walk from the apartment you will find the best place to buy vegetables and fruit. Walk through the stalls full of kitsch and find real vietnamese food in the market on the way there.

7 - Tram around

It is so easy to go and explore the city with the tram so close. You can go on tram 1, 6, 14 and 25 for instance to the old town in about 10-15 min, to Stromovka or Letna park in a couple of minutes, or to the Harfa mall in about 15 min.

8 -  Delis, butchers and bakers

There are many newly opened places where you can find delicious food both on Delnicka and Komunardu street. Go exploring. 

9 - Prague zoo

You can actually walk to the zoo the whole way but if you are in a hurry you can just jump on the tram and change for bus 112 at nadrazi holesovice. The nicest way is to take the tram to Vystaviste holesovice for about 6-7 minutes and walk through the park. There is a "free" boat that takes you across the river and then you are almost at the zoo. 

10 - Stromovka park

This park is incredibly beautiful no matter what season. In the winter you can go tobogganing and play with the ice on the ponds. In the summer people swim in the same ponds. There is also a duck pond, and a couple of play grounds. One of them has a cafe/pub attached which is handy.

11 - Ortonovo namesti playground

This little playground is just by the tram stop. Small kids likes it as and parents of small kids also as its fenced in.

12 - Beautiful food options

There are so many great food places. This is one of the best things with Holesovice. On the picture you can see red curry ramen and vietnamese coffee from Bento Cafe, a couple of minutes away from the apartment. Another great vietnamese place is Pho 559 which is 1 min away. There are many czech brewery restaurants as well, and other international options. There is chinese and curry within a minute from the apartment.

13 - Technical museum

Take the tram to Letenske namesti and you can reach both the technical and the agriculture museum. Both are great for kids however some staff might tell you off for kids being kids however there are a couple of play areas and a hall full of vehicles, on one of the steam engines the kids can go in. There is also a "mine" and a mecano room, as well as half a floor of astronomy and other interesting things. You can easily spend a whole day there. There is a cheap restaurant in the basement.

Book the Maniny apartment HERE for Airbnb or HERE at our website