Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Events in july and august

Were back for some worldschooling in Prague! I have limited time, constantly running after baby and wild children so I have added a few events to Facebook here, so if youre a worldschooler in Prague please join us!

We (a few of us worldschoolers) decided that its good to reserve a day so that we know that we can plan activities on that day for homeschooling so we will meet on Thursdays. We dont have a place to hang at, and keep our things at unfortunately but we are looking (if you know of something with a yard that is not too expensive, let us know!). So we will be "mobile" until we have found that place.

So this thursday we will be in the forest and for the next one, which isnt planned yet, you might have an idea?

For august the 8th we are planning a big worldschooling family picnic, and for most of august we have friends visiting so we dont have that much arranged. More regular things to come in the end of August and for september.

The events are posted here for now.

We just came back from a roadtrip driving up through eastern Poland and the Baltics. It was quite an interesting journey because we havent gone that way to our home country Sweden yet. We had a week of wild camping and seeing friends in Sweden. The lakes there are just so amazing! Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short due to our babys eye infection. Sweden is great unless you're sick, homeschooling or an entrepreneur. He is fine now, that he had a proper check and some anti-biotics. This week we will fix the homeschooling mess we have in our apartment and so we slow start with two easy worldschooling meet ups thats suitable for this very hot weather!

Pics from Beautiful Sweden

Friday, 25 May 2018

Activities last week of May and beginning of June

Come with us to these activities!

- Monday 28th - We found a new water play ground, and its quite nice, located near Libensky Most. (between holesovice and palmovka). Its a short walk from the tram stop, by the pretty allotments on one of the Liben peninsulas. You just walk there until you get to the other side. You can walk from Palmovka metro stop also. The park is called Thomayerovo Sady. There is a nice pirate ship and some swing things too. Come and play with us at 13.30 o clock! There is a toilet there, picnic tables, and if you need a drink/snack there is a (crappy) sports restaurant nearby. Back up plan if the weather is bad: We will go to the bitcoin cafe near Delnicka and play chess. If you dont have bitcoin, ill donate enough for a coffee for you! There is also a crocodile zoo around the corner that we can check.

- Tuesday 29th - Join us for a Bat tour in Stromovka late at night, see the event HERE. This is in czech, so we are hoping that we can have some translations of what we dont understand, otherwise we will make the best of it. At least we know the word for bats in Czech. Its Netopýři!

More events will be added shortly. Also please come with your ideas and suggestions.

Tip for end of June - go to the Makers faire June 23-24th - more info HERE.

- Forest trip to Cibulka 7th of june. We will walk and play in this beautiful forest in south west Prague!

Creative mini-group:

Do you have kids in the age range of about 5-12? That are interested in serious lego building, arduino, science and chess? Maybe you do this at home? Why not do it together sometimes? Let us know and we will plan something!

Summer nature and adventure group: 

Do you want to be part of a group for families that likes to swim, hike, dig for fossiles and other things, go canoeing and on day trips out of prague? Message me and we will arrange something! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Worldschooling activities 18/5 - 25/5

Here are some worldschooling meet ups for this week and the next one.

Friday 18/5 - Meet up at gutovka park

Sunday 20/5 - Family day, and opening of play park and cyclopark at Vystaviste Holesovice, We will be there, will you?

Monday 21/5 - This is cheap zoo day of the week, we will go there about 1.30 pm

Wednesday 23/5 - Meet up at petynka swimming pool. This is a great little place for families with several pools, a play park, a cafe/pub and the facilities you expect in an outdoor swimming place.

Friday 25/5 - Nerf and water gun war, family picknick at Stromovka, 1.30 pm

More events will be added shortly. Also please come with your ideas and suggestions!

Do you have kids in the age range of about 5-12? That are interested in serious lego building, arduino, science and chess? Maybe you do this at home? Why not do it together sometimes? Let us know and we will plan something!

Meet up in Gutovka Park

Come to the meet up this friday! We will be locals and foreign worldschooling/homeschooling/unschooling families.

This park is great for water play in the heat. There is also a skate park and climbing wall and regular play park stuff. Good for picnics or you can buy some food at the play park pizzeria or get some kebab on the way. There are toilets.

When? This friday 1230. Stay as long as you wish. You dont have to be there at that exact time

What to bring: Maybe a change of clothes, something to drink or eat or money for that. Possibly something with wheels and sand toys if you want.

How to spot us: Youll probably hear our kids, different languages and the other kids the same size should be in school. Message us if you dont find us on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pragueworldschooling/

How to say you´re coming: Add yourself to the event on facebook or send me a message in the message box on the right.

How to get there: Metro A-line to Strasnicka is easiest, then walk. Or have a look at directions on http://www.gutovka.cz/kontakt/

See you there!

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Play date in stromovka

The next opportunity for a worldschooling play date meet up will be next friday the 20th april in Stromovka park. We will meet at "the island" with the rope raft boat as in the picture at 1 pm.

Barbeque in the Kunratice forest Monday 16th april. - FYI change of date 18th!

Come for a worldschooling barbeque in the beautiful Kunratice forest!

Bring some things for the bbq (there is a place but you need coal and things to put on)

We will meet at the Roztyly metro station (red line) at 1 pm and walk together. Or you can message me if you are late and i can send the coordinates once we are there. I will go from Vltavska, so anyone that wants to go together can join us there.

I dont remember the exact coordinates but both me and another family that is coming has been there before. There are benches and a play ground and its a nice forest to play in. If you are going message me or add yourself to the facebook event.

Some pics from the meet up yesterday in Stromovka.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Worldschooler picnic and meet up in the park! With back up indoor plan.

So next wednesday, at 1.30 pm, we will have a meet up in Stromovka park. This park is huge. So if the weather permits we will have a picnic by the duck ponds. Someone can bring a ball. We will probably bring nerf guns. We will bring something to eat for sharing, but you dont have to.

We will meet by the duck pond with the big wooden duck bridge thing in, If you are not sure where this is you can meet us at Vystaviste Holesovice tram stop before, it takes about 10 minutes to walk there.

We will go around the ponds so you can bring scooters/bikes too if you want and we will head towards the "lake" with the "island" with the rope raft in.

If its cold we can head to the cafe where we can warm up. They have ok toilets and its baby friendly.

IF it rains heavily or the weather is really unpleasant our back up plan is to go to the climbing place called Boulder bar which is also near Vystaviste Holesovice. Its kid friendly with walls even for toddlers. You dont need equipment, you can rent shoes there if you want but you dont have to have shoes. There are slides and some things for kids to run around and play with. If we change for this plan its better that we are there a bit earlier, like 1230 or 1 pm since around 3 pm there will be kids having climbing classes. We will check in the mprning and everyone that is coming will have to check with us, but if its just cloudy and slightly chilly we will be in the park. Lets hope for sunshine!

If you want to come please send a message here or on facebook. Welcome!

Boulder bar