Saturday, 22 September 2018

September activities

We have been more busy than we planned this September which is both nice and exhausting! There are so many things to do and many new worldschoolers have joined us which we are really happy about. I think there is almost room to divide Prague in local area groups if someone else want to join me in organizing the worldschoolers. Otherwise we will continue with activities mainly in Prague 7 and sometimes for the other areas.

We dont often go to Prague 4. I think its a rather messy modern part of town that is slightly hard for us to reach. But there is the beautiful forest Kunratice les, and many activities are there as well. So we have gone there a couple of times this month.

We went to a artisan workshop activity with a friend where we could try different things. My son tried being a blacksmith and with some help made his own nail. The kids also made necklaces and bounced on the trampoline. They seem to have this kind of place in the different areas of Prague. Its so nice! We then went to a fun park with a swimming fountain place and where the held an RC plane competition on the grass.

My littlest one became sick this week. With school starting again comes also school germs and since worldschooled kids hang in the same places as school kids they get it as well. We arranged a BBQ this week for the worldschoolers. But more than half that were suppose to come were sick. And my littlest one had a really tough time with 3 nights in a row of trouble to sleep because of all the snot. I felt like a wandering zombie from being seriously sleep deprived thinking how should i proceed with this day? But we made it anyway - me and our two eldest boys and we had a really nice time. To my surprise a couple of new really nice families turned up, and there was good weather and a fire and happy kids and parents so it turned out well anyway.

Because so many were sick we are doing a 2nd BBQ this friday so they can join and some families from last time would go again I think. The weather is cooler now so it will be nice also. This friday we will also have a Bitcoin tour of Holesovice prior to the BBQ. Those that are really interested in Bitcoin and austrian economics but cant make it this Friday will have another opportunity in a couple of weeks time.

The week after this one we plan to take a break from organized worldschooling activities as we will be busy with family and attending the decentralization conference "Hackers congress". They usually have talks on education and unschooling also. Bitcoin and unschooling goes hand in hand. The tickets for this event is sold out since spring time but some people that cant attend are selling their tickets here. I can highly recommend this conference having attended two years in a row before.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Bitcoin family-picnic in Stromovka

It's nice that there are enough families here to get together a bitcoin family picnic. I had invited our bitcoin friends and families who were interested in bitcoin. Bitcoin has a lot in common with unschooling..I wish more would see the connection! We packed the stroller full of chocolate muffins and salmon sandwiches which we had prepared in the morning. The picnic area was decorated with yellow balloons with the bitcoin "₿" on. There were 3 Swedish families plus some more swedes and Kristyna which was the only czech person as well as a Brazilian / Finnish family who found us by chance. The majority of us were Swedish speakers except 3 people, which was extraordinary because its not usually like that. 

In the background, you can see the boat which you pull with the rope to get to the "island" of the dam.

Picture taken by Mikaela. Here you can see exactly what it is like to not let go of a running one-year-old with your eyes while making coffee at the portable gas stove!
Advanced bitcoin-talk going on.

The water was a little too cold to swim in today so Edward was happy with just pouring with the water can. Next week it will be around 29 degrees again.
In the dam on the other side there were huge fishes that looked like carps as you can see in the picture if you look closely. There were perchants as well.
The new family. One can see that Edward has been on the go and spread popcorn everywhere on the picnic blanket.

Practical to breastfeed wherever you are!

Play fighting with 3 little boys.

We decided to move on because of the beer-needy adults and the need for a change of environment.

The Vozovna playground has a restaurant / pub attached so the children can run around at the large playground or climb the trees next to us while the adults take it easy.
With the exception of Edward of course. One person can never relax as to make sure that he doesnt hurt himself or run away.
The Stromovka Park has really got a facelift. Renovation is still underway, but there are many beautiful parts, and it is nice to have greenery here when you live in town.
Want to learn more about bitcoin in Prague? Visit the unique bitcoin café Paralelni Polis! Do you want to know where the beautiful park is located? Here is a map! The map needle is located near the pond by the boat. The playground pub / restaurant is called Restaurace Vozovna.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Learning about economics - capitalism in action in Stromovka!

A fellow worldschooler friend had a great idea: to have an autumn fair where the kids could sell things they made. We thought we would arrange it on a Saturday so that the whole families could join. You never know what to expect with the worldschoolers here. If just one family or fifty turns up. They are so unpredictable! So we had no idea about today apart from that we knew for sure that four families would come.

In our home we started the day with a quick breakfast and then baking. The kids got to choose what they would bake. We have a swedish cake book and usually use recipes online for baking. We usually twist it as none of us like to follow instructions completely. Winston chose a sponge cake and Henry "kärleksmums" which means "love yum" in Swedish. It's a chocolate kind of a cake with coffee glazing. 

I got the things out and the dad took the baby out to the play ground. Henry and Winston had a bowl each. I just whipped the eggs and sugar. Otherwise they made the cakes pretty much by themselves. A lot of things to take into account. Measuring. Temperatures. What order to do things in.

They decorated their creations with the buttery glazing (coffee and chocolate for Henrys cake and vanilla for Winstons) as well as a candy topping and so we packed the stroller with all the stuff and went to the park. Elena arrived on time with her oldest displaying their waffles and cinnamon cookies. They were really cheap. A new family turned up as well with two boys. They had a table with a clear sign saying their chocolate chip cookies were only 5 Kč.

I realised we set the prices too high and wondered how the others would make a profit. We had a long discussion at home what the costs are for us and how much we need to make to not make a loss. There was some room for lower prices. Winston changed his price and I suggested a 10 Kč discount to Henry, so the "love yums" were only 20 Kč now. They have a lot of chocolate and candy on.

Winston brought the gas stove and offered coffee. It's well needed always with some caffeine for tired parents! I ordered two cups and so did some other parents. 

Seeing the amount of worldschoolers coming to buy and sell stuff from each other wasn't a huge qtty and we quickly went through our 3 "market stalls" and tried everything we understood that we had to change our plans. There were plenty of families and old people going for a stroll on the path near the tree we were under so one by one we moved closer and closer to the path and also made some new signs. And to get the attention for the passer byers we taught our children how to shout in czech swedish cakes and so you could hear Henry on the top of his voice shouting "Svedske dorty!". Winston sold out all of his cakes first and got to take over two of Henrys last cakes.

Some families stopped by and bought things. The new american/czech family had good sales. The mum was a good example of how to sell making some loud and efficient advertising for their only 5 Kč "susenky". We felt the competition against each other and improved our tactiques. By 2 hours we had sold almost everything and ate the last three kärleksmums quickly while the boys had gotten bored and were playing by the tree.

When they didnt sell anything we discussed what makes a sale? What makes people want to buy things? How to better improve for next time? We had wasps visiting Winstons cake stall and when he was running away from the wasps (and the stall) he also ran away from the customers. Many went from our stalls to the two cheaper ones. The wasp was trapped in a clear cup and hidden under the small folding table. For some reason other wasps didnt come back while this one was trapped. Maybe it sent out some kind of warning signal to keep away? 

The boys were learning so many things in this exercise. What are people prepare to spend at this kind of location? What makes them curious to come and have a closer look? And finalize the transaction? How do you set prices and how do you make a profit?

We also know our costs. We had used 1,5 packets of butter and high quality ingredients for the two cakes. The butter was our biggest expense. We should have marketed the butter a bit more. We also know that we didnt make a loss. We set the price correctly for this kind of cake. 

We know also that a clearer sign and attractive display lured more people to come closer. As we improved we had more sales. Until there was almost nothing to display anymore. The abundancy attracts as well. The boys were overall very happy with the experience and the fruits of their labour. They got to keep everything they made - contrary to the working adults that have to pay taxes! We should advance and introduce it on the next event for a learning experience as well! 

They are saving all at the moment..well they are saving up a little more to afford a nerf gun they wanted. So they are already planning on their next sales pitch for selling cakes to a nearby cafe!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Not back to school - time for the homeschoolers to come out!

Ive added some events on Facebook.

1 st september - ice cream breakfast meet up

5th september - reclaim the play grounds! (in stromovka)

8th september - autumn fair for the worldschoolers. Really hoping that all worldschoolers in Prague will come and participate!

13th september - autumn bbq for the worldschoolers

15th september - Bitcoin family picnic. unschooling and bitcoin has so much in common. Like its decentralised! If you´re already a bitcoin family you will feel at home here. If you are curious, and still a no coiner, this is the family picnic to go to to learn about it!

We always have things going on and we are always friendly to new families so if you would like to join our regular activities you can also message us. We do like science and lego always, and id like to start a chess group and football meet up club for the kids. We go swimming often also. And were always looking for stuff. Do you happen to know a piano teacher? Or a homeschooling nanny? Most of the things we do are planned the same day we do them. Or just happen. But these things above.. we can commit to them and we hope that you can too! As always, you need to tell me before so I know how many people to expect. By messaging or saying that youll attend on facebook. If you dont already, please give a like to our page Prague worldschooling so you wont miss what we post there.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Events in july and august

Were back for some worldschooling in Prague! I have limited time, constantly running after baby and wild children so I have added a few events to Facebook here, so if youre a worldschooler in Prague please join us!

We (a few of us worldschoolers) decided that its good to reserve a day so that we know that we can plan activities on that day for homeschooling so we will meet on Thursdays. We dont have a place to hang at, and keep our things at unfortunately but we are looking (if you know of something with a yard that is not too expensive, let us know!). So we will be "mobile" until we have found that place.

So this thursday we will be in the forest and for the next one, which isnt planned yet, you might have an idea?

For august the 8th we are planning a big worldschooling family picnic, and for most of august we have friends visiting so we dont have that much arranged. More regular things to come in the end of August and for september.

The events are posted here for now.

We just came back from a roadtrip driving up through eastern Poland and the Baltics. It was quite an interesting journey because we havent gone that way to our home country Sweden yet. We had a week of wild camping and seeing friends in Sweden. The lakes there are just so amazing! Unfortunately we had to cut our trip short due to our babys eye infection. Sweden is great unless you're sick, homeschooling or an entrepreneur. He is fine now, that he had a proper check and some anti-biotics. This week we will fix the homeschooling mess we have in our apartment and so we slow start with two easy worldschooling meet ups thats suitable for this very hot weather!

Pics from Beautiful Sweden

Friday, 25 May 2018

Activities last week of May and beginning of June

Come with us to these activities!

- Monday 28th - We found a new water play ground, and its quite nice, located near Libensky Most. (between holesovice and palmovka). Its a short walk from the tram stop, by the pretty allotments on one of the Liben peninsulas. You just walk there until you get to the other side. You can walk from Palmovka metro stop also. The park is called Thomayerovo Sady. There is a nice pirate ship and some swing things too. Come and play with us at 13.30 o clock! There is a toilet there, picnic tables, and if you need a drink/snack there is a (crappy) sports restaurant nearby. Back up plan if the weather is bad: We will go to the bitcoin cafe near Delnicka and play chess. If you dont have bitcoin, ill donate enough for a coffee for you! There is also a crocodile zoo around the corner that we can check.

- Tuesday 29th - Join us for a Bat tour in Stromovka late at night, see the event HERE. This is in czech, so we are hoping that we can have some translations of what we dont understand, otherwise we will make the best of it. At least we know the word for bats in Czech. Its Netopýři!

More events will be added shortly. Also please come with your ideas and suggestions.

Tip for end of June - go to the Makers faire June 23-24th - more info HERE.

- Forest trip to Cibulka 7th of june. We will walk and play in this beautiful forest in south west Prague!

Creative mini-group:

Do you have kids in the age range of about 5-12? That are interested in serious lego building, arduino, science and chess? Maybe you do this at home? Why not do it together sometimes? Let us know and we will plan something!

Summer nature and adventure group: 

Do you want to be part of a group for families that likes to swim, hike, dig for fossiles and other things, go canoeing and on day trips out of prague? Message me and we will arrange something! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Worldschooling activities 18/5 - 25/5

Here are some worldschooling meet ups for this week and the next one.

Friday 18/5 - Meet up at gutovka park

Sunday 20/5 - Family day, and opening of play park and cyclopark at Vystaviste Holesovice, We will be there, will you?

Monday 21/5 - This is cheap zoo day of the week, we will go there about 1.30 pm

Wednesday 23/5 - Meet up at petynka swimming pool. This is a great little place for families with several pools, a play park, a cafe/pub and the facilities you expect in an outdoor swimming place.

Friday 25/5 - Nerf and water gun war, family picknick at Stromovka, 1.30 pm

More events will be added shortly. Also please come with your ideas and suggestions!

Do you have kids in the age range of about 5-12? That are interested in serious lego building, arduino, science and chess? Maybe you do this at home? Why not do it together sometimes? Let us know and we will plan something!