Sunday, 4 September 2016

Programming for kids - with Scratch and Codecademy

So its been a long summer with plenty of roadtrips for us and not a lot of structure and regular activities. Now we will stay put here for a while so we can start up regular activities again. One of our favourite is programming. We will do it in our house or in the bitcoin-cafe Paralelni Polis depending on how many we are.

We are no experts - but we have the right tools to learn the programming from Scratch - that is why we use Scratch. We help each other out and inspire each other. Its nice.

I hope more of you will come!

So - Wednesdays at 10. About 1,5 h. Bring your own laptop. In Holesovice - near Delnicka. Its good for kids from about 4 and up. Message me here or on the facebook page if you want to "sign up".

Boys and guns and bombs and chewbacca. Well, this is what they like.

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