Sunday, 4 September 2016

Prague english football school

Our kids loves sundays. Because its football day! We joined the prague english football school this spring, and also signed up our boys for the summer camp. They like it so much they cant wait for it to be sunday again. Its only us so far, the King-family, that have signed up, from the worldschoolers. We hope that more families will come and have some football-fun of course. The autumn term just started today. To sign up you can go to PEFS website. Im sure you can have a trial lesson before commiting. We play in Prague 6 near Divoka Sarka tram stop on Sundays at 10 am. We usually have a routine where we go to mcdonalds afterwards (that has a nice play park) or play a bit more football or have a walk in the beautiful Divoka Sarka reserve. Then chess.

The person behind PEFS: Sam Bizzell, and our little storm trooper Henry.

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