Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Plans and ideas for this and the coming week.

This week is a week when we sadly didnt have a lot of time to do worldschooling actitivies. Illnesses and renovations has kept us from it. Next week should be better, but we will be busy going to the Hackers congress, the biggest bitcoin-event in Europe at Paralelni Polis, and we have friends visiting so we will keep the worldschooling actitivities to a minimum. Hackers congress has free entrance for kids. It would be suitable for kids that are a little older. They have VR-games and drone presentations for instance.

We are in the talks with a local cafe near Hradcanska that has a perfect venue and contacts for arts, drama and music classes. If you are interested in this please let me know so they can plan the classes for us.

Another plan I have is to arrange a very basic survival course for small kids. What do you do if you get lost in the forest (or a city)? What can you eat in the forest? And what shouldnt you eat? How do you build a shelter and keep warm? What tricks can you use when you walk in the forest to prevent you getting lost, and what signs can you find in the nature to find your way back? Nothing complicated - just basic skills for small kids. Who would be interested in this? And who can point me in the right direction - where do I find a "deep" forest that is reachable with public transport from Prague that would be good for this? The course would be arranged at a small cost - about 200 kc per child and would be a half day trip.


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