Saturday, 21 May 2016

A trip to the castle in Prague with worldschoolers

Yesterday we meet up with homeschooling expats / worldschoolers here in Prague. Everyone else except me that is Swedish were Americans. They live here more or less permanently, except a family that was visiting Prague and that had made the film "Classed dismissed" about homeschooling which we'll see on Paralelni Polis on Sunday. There was a family who came here who had 8 children...8! That are homeschooled. I wish I had the drive to be a little more organized. I think it is hard as it is to home educate just two children.

Wenceslaus Church.

Funny Selfie-tourist with funny castle guard that was so still that he didnt even blinked.

We were actually suppose to see the Bohemian crown jewels but the queue was 3 hours long so we skipped it and went for a walk instead. The castle area is huge! There is a lot to see that we didnt see so I think we will come back soon. It was a hot and sunny day so really I have brought a ball and a picnic though I didnt think of it. Everyone else had a picnic of course. We wandered around the various gardens, my children went on scooters and played with sticks. With a banging migraine I was very agreeable and promised them ice creams on the way back, by the entrance. (they were delicious)

Here we found a lovely area for kids to run around on!

There were birds of prey which were under rehabilitation at the castle. They were displayed so that people could take pictures, which I think financed the rehabilitation, but I'm a little hesitant if it really is rehabilitation when I saw this poor little hawk that was trapped in the short string and looked extremely stressed out that he could not get to where he was. Or what do you think?

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