Friday, 27 May 2016

Willy wonkas 3D-factory at MakersLab

Makerslab -  is the place where you can be creative with 3D printing - in the bottom floor of the Paralelni Polis building. They arranged an event with chocolate printing which we of course couldnt resist! The 3D-printer keeps a temperature of 34 c degrees when it spits out the chocolate in the desired shape, according to the instructions it got. The kids are keen on learning about 3d-printing (and the parents as well!) so we will collect families for a customized course, and when we have got enough participants we can make this real. Do you want to go on the 3d course? Send us a message on the message form on the right hand side. The event was streamed live on Youtube.

A short video about our visit!

Eating a chocolate key!

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