Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Screening of Class Dismissed on Paralelni Polis

We have been honoured that we could meet the film maker Jeremy Stuart and his lovely family. When great people come together some great stuff happens. Together with Ondrej and Martin from the Bitcoin cafĂ© Paralelni Polis, (that have a screen in their lecture hall), and in cooperation with the czech unschooling group Svobodna Uceni we arranged a screening of the film Class dismissed with time for questions with the film maker afterwards.

Class dismissed is a very inspiring film that I think is good to show also to those who are skeptical about homeschooling. In the film we follow a family who made the decision to take their children out of school. The film takes up a for me unexpected issue - to "deschool". You have to unlearn how to learn as homeschooling / unschooling is a completely different kind of thinking and it is not at all easy if you as a parent is stuck with the school way of thinking, and especially for the children who have become accustomed to doing what they are told to do. For unschooling to be successful you have to put aside the traditional values ​​of "musts" and be an involved parent and mentor. Getting there is not easy at all, but the results are fantastic.

It is truly inspiring to see how unschooling works in the US and all the opportunities that are there. It is sad that unschooling is more or less difficult in most of the countries in the world for the residents. As I come from Sweden and had to leave because its criminal and socially unacceptable to unschool there I know very few people that are swedish and actually unschool - because they had to leave and because we learn in school that there is only one way to learn - through school. But unschooling on the other hand is becoming more and more popular much thanks to the internet, and I really see the Czech republic as a good place to unschool (and a good alternative for Swedes) even though the locals have some trouble with the government - the same doesnt apply for the foreigners - especially not if you are resident of a different country. Here in Prague, there is already a Czech unschooling organization , and me and Katie would like to start a cooperative, similar to the one in the film here, for expats and local unschoolers which we hope that our initiative Prague Worldschooling will lead to.

Jeremy presents the film.

A great evening in great company!
Do you want to see the film?  Do it HERE

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