Sunday, 29 May 2016

A little excursion to Obora Hvezda

As a regular activity we go on an excursion to the nature every week with our newly started initiative Prague worldschoolers. The forest "Obora Hvezda"is amazing to go on walks in and build teepees in. Obora Hvezda is in Prague 6, towards the airport, which you can take tram No. 22 and 25 to. Just outside is a "traffic playground "where children can learn to ride a bike or ride a scooter in traffic, it is a kind of mini city with traffic lights and playground, but this time we were out in the woods so long, 5 hours I think, so we didnt have time and energy for that this time. The forest is so intensily green it almost hurts your eyes. The ivy covering the ground and the trees makes it look like a green sea. In the midst of it, there is a large playground which is great also for picnics.


Henry and his friend Maya feeling at home in this little house.


Our building project.


Someone is living here!

Help, a crocodile!

The pattern of the oak leaves is so beautiful! In the excursions we also talk about what we have discovered and how nature works so that the children get to know why the leaves have these patterns. 

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