Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trial arts and animation class

I have in cooperation with Luis Cerdas, a professional artist from Costa Rica that has worked with teaching children there, arranged a trial for an arts class on next Monday (14th) at 1030 in  A Maze in Tchaiovna near Hradcanska. It is easy to find - see the map on the link.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take part of an arts class especially designed for us unschooling families in Prague. The teacher is sort of unschooled himself so he understands what our kids are about and will put together a special programme for those that will join. The classes will be in blocks of 4 weeks. It is a family class - which means - be part of it! The cost will depend on how many that join, however it will be within a homeschoolers normal budget.

The central idea is to stimulate imagination and see what the collective interests are. We will work a lot with colours and with our surroundings (for instance we will not always be inside, we can also work with materials like leafs that we find in the park also. We will work with animation also, and make small figures in different materials. If we are many, classes will be held in the arts studio, and there will be access to a ceramic burner too.

Classes will be taught in english (also czech and spanish if your kids speak that). Its not suitable for under 4. I will need to know in advance - latest on saturday - which ones of you will be coming - so please let me know asap. You sign up by writing an email to us on the blog or on our facebook page (please let us know your email adress)

Here is an inspirational video by Luis - please watch it (starts about 30 seconds in)

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