Sunday, 20 November 2016

Worldschooling programme 21-27th nov


10.30 am - Arts class the unschooling way with Luis Cerdas suitable for all kids. Please come 15 minutes before. In maze in tchaiovna near Hradcanska. 250 kc for 2 hours. Please tell me before so i know who is coming.

4 pm - We will start a math study circle where we will mainly use Khan academy. You need a laptop for this. We have one to lend. In Holesovice.


Private classes 


10.15 am - Family yoga session - for a small cost. Please tell me before so i know who is coming. Afterwards we will go to letna park and play.

Homeschooling swimming at 3 - Two good warm pools are nearby = Sutka (with slides) and Vystaviste (newly renovated). We will decide on the one that suits most.


11.30 am - Weekly programming for beginners in Paralelni Polis.
For the afternoon we are planning a nature activity and if bad weather indoor climbing.


Morning nerf war at letna
Friday afternoon baking! Today we will start at 4 pm. 


We didnt get to do this last week so we will give it a try again! - Nature/Castle excursion out of town if good weather to Kokorinsko, it looks stunning! Would be great if some worldschoolers would join us too. (you will need a car)


10 am - PEFS football in Nebusice
3 pm - chess with chess nuts in maze in tchaiovna

As with all our activities and meetings - please let me know before if you are coming. 

What we did last week

I dont have many photos from the week unfortunately..been to busy! But here is a scones photo from last friday. Boys got covered in flour while baking and they had cushion fights which was great fun. Somehow it always ends with minecraft these days.. The football is now indoors in nebusice. Last week was very busy - we have done things everyday. This coming week will be a bit more quiet to balance it. We started taking private classes the whole day on Tuesdays for the czech language and math. I can really recommend it and its affordable too. If you want the details for the teachers I can forward them. For the next season (if we are here) we can create a math class for homeschoolers if there is enough interest.

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