Monday, 7 November 2016

Worldschooling activities and excursions 8/11-16/11

We are a bit under the weather so we have put the worldschooling activities on hold for a couple of days. What we will do this week with the worldschoolers is:


Meeting with the Costa rican artist Luis at Maze in Tchaiovna. Come here at 1030 if you would like to be part of shaping the classes, it will be arts and animation for both kids and parents.


Programming at 10 in our place near U Pruhonu tram stop (Holesovice, tram 6, 12)


Excursion to Troja Castle and the Maze if its nice weather. If its raining we will have a craft session at our place in the morning and see what we plan for the afternoon.


Park play date at Letna in the morning at 1030.

Italian afternoon and crafts. Come and make pizzas with us in the afternoon at 3-7 pm. We get the ingredients. Ill put out a donation box. Will also bring out the crafts materials and look up a creative activity.


if its nice weather we will go to Prachovske Skaly for a day trip


We will play football at 10 and chess in Maze in Tchaiovna at 3.

(its its bad weather on saturday and nice on sunday we will do the prachovske skaly trip instead)


Please remember that we have a trial lesson for family yoga next wednesday 16/11 at 10.15.

We have also planned a forest trip out of town on the following monday afternoon.

As always - let me know if you want to come to anything the day before. We are always happy to have new people joining us.

Some pics from our previous week of worldschooling..

Weekly chess on Sundays 

Vietnamese rice paper rolls in the making..these are so delicious and healthy also! 

Our feast 

This weeks project at the saturday arts class at Drawplanet 

An informal trip - urban exploring. This is the abandoned jewish cementary. We will do more exploring with worldschoolers if there is enough interest 

It was a lovely day. We were on the way to the nerf war in obora hvezda. then it suddenly became stormy. We had a very quick nerf war! 

The kids work more independently now with programming. At the moment they like Tynker best 

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