Tuesday, 15 November 2016

This week - what we have done and what we will do

I havent had time to post the plans this week yet, but we have been touch with our regular worldschoolers for the activities we have already done. So ill post some pics of what has happened and whats still left of this week.


10 am - Family yoga trial session (too late to register for those that havent done it)
2 pm - Programming session in Holesovice. Free and from 4. Needs to sign up latest on tuesday evening.


Afternoon excursion at 1 pm! It will depend on the weather where. If its nice we will be outdoors and if its rainy and cold we will do a museum (like the DOX ). Do you want to come? Please let me know latest wednesday afternoon.


Friday afternoon english theme cooking and crafts! Today we will start at 2 pm. We will make it an english afternoon with scones, muffins and tea. Would be good if someone could bring acrylic paints


Nature/Castle excursion out of town if good weather to Kokorinsko, it looks stunning! If its bad weather we will visit a museum instead.


10 am - football
3 pm - chess with chess nuts in maze in tchaiovna


So far this week we have done an arts trial class. Check for more info here if you want to sign up.

And we have seen the blood moon (well it wasnt really bloody but it was big) from the Petrin Hill.

This weekend we went for a nature trip to Swiss bohemia national park. It was just our family. It was really amazing - recommend!

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