Monday, 5 June 2017

Join us for Gulliver travels arts workshop in DOX and other things this week!

Wednesday 1030-1200. Learn czech workshop! We havent got a teacher at the moment but we are equipped with books with talking super pens for learning czech and some memory games, I also have resources for learning simple conversations and counting with the help of youtube :)

Thursday 1 pm - Water park play date. Come and play with us! Bring picknick, swimming clothes, water guns and a good mood :)

Friday at 1030 - Workshop at DOX, suitable for kids from about 2/3 to 12. 

How did it happen that an airship “landed” on top of the severe and cleanliness of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art? And why is it named Gulliver? Like one of the most famous figures in utopian literature, you will set out on a diverse exploratory mission. For a while, your world will shrink, other times you will shrink, but on the way you will see everything in an unconventional manner. Once you will engage various senses, then you will see everything around you form a different perspective.

Explore various levels of the DOX Centre, find out why the co-author of the airship received an architectural award in the area of sustainable development, and try out sustainable materials for the final workshop. Together, try to find the limits of fantasy and the fundamental assumption of pluralism, that there are always various and different paths to the right solution. The programme contains various sensory stimuli, movement, and creative activities.

The activities takes about 2 hours. The cost is 300 cz per family regardless of how many children you have. Register by emailing us (on the form on the side here) or sending a facebook message to the Prague worldschooling facebook page

A deposit of 100 czk is needed so that I know how many families will come, you can also send the whole amount to me. Can be done by account, paypal, bitcoin or cash. Last date to register is thursday.

The last time we went to DOX for a homeschooling programme it was pretty awesome. Have a look at the short video I made here!

As always, you need to give notice at least the day before so I know how many are coming to these activities :)

Some pics from last weeks forest "nerf war" meeting:

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