Thursday, 7 September 2017

#Notbacktoschool but to worldschooling activities!

I have had some time off the blog and arranging activities..having a legitimate excuse. We now have another family member :). Being busy with dealing with the hot weather and trying to spin a breech baby i havent had the mood to do any organised stuff this summer. Also people have had their own plans so there hasnt really been a point.

But now that everyone else is back to school and we are trying to get back to normal in our family we will get back to business again.

Katie has been wonderful and arranged some homeschooling activities so if you want to join any you can message HERE.

For instance, there will be Makersspace on Monday afternoons from 4 pm.

Where kids can come together and make/invent collaborate on projects etc. I love this way of learning and its a big trend in the US right now. There is a ton if info and resources online, but here is a brief intro to what this is. So, the location will be Its a new school opening this year in Prague 4. For instance there would be wood work stuff and sewing machines.

And Katie has also arranged a kids arts class at Muddum in Prague 7. Thursday Sept. 21st 4-6pm there will be a trial lesson - . Its art for 5 -`10 year olds. Price will be 250 kc. 

Further there will be an excursion to the Petrin observoratory and Barrandov film studious later in October.

Apart from what Katie has arranged id like to arrange a weekly climbing group on tuesdays at 2 pm at Boulder bar in Prague 7, its a great place for kids and there are boulders for smaller kids too (id say youngest would probably be 3-4 to enjoy it). Its quite cheap (85 kc) and you can rent climbing shoes there if you want. If you want to join this group send me a message on the message box here.

And some other things id like to do regularly the next few months, is one weekly sports activity at a set time (football in the park, or swimming for instance), a programming and math group, and a weekly nature activity. 

Have you got your own suggestions? Let me know!

The beauty of homeschooling: Free to do what you want when you want!
9 months in your tummy, 9 months on the tummy!

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