Sunday, 31 July 2016

Worldschooling programme for this coming week

These are our plans for this week - it would be lovely to see as many worldschoolers as possible so I hope you can come.

Monday at 10.30 pm 

Nerfwar - we will meet up in the play park near petrin and find a central field where we wont loose too many darts! We have some extra guns we can lend. Bring your own ones if you have. We will play in the play park in Jiriho z podebrad in the afternoon.

Tuesday at 1:30pm

Play date in the play park in Kinsky gardens. if you dont know where it is ask us or check the maps. A regular play date with picknick! I think we will bring a football.

Wednesday at 10 am 

Programming workshop for kids + 4 years old in our house in Kosire - try Scratch with us and bring your own laptop! If the weather is lovely we can go to the water play park or swimming afterwards

Friday at 1:30

Nature day! Do you have a suggestion? Otherwise we are keen on trying out the Botanical gardens. If the weather is really 
If you want to come to any of these activities please let us know so we know how many will come. 

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