Sunday, 31 July 2016

Back from roadtripping!

We had some family stuff, and other stuff to do in England so we drove there and back over a little more than a week.

We had a little more ups and downs on the journey than usual - It was lovely to see friends and family and it was very nice meet new likeminded friends, but we also had some unfortunate events too like our friends dog got killed by a car just in front of our eyes so our friends kids have been really sad and we have all been chocked. We were interviewed by a british tv-programme about our unschooling, leaving Sweden and living as digital nomads so I will post a link to the programme when its up.

We will keep the Prague worldschooling project going of course. The worldschoolers here all still in summer mode so i will figure out the plans for this week and post them here soon. We dont really have the regular activities we are aiming to have until summer is over but its good to be a bit more flexible then usual now when we have summer weather. We are having worldschooling visitors here this week and some worldschoolers will leave soon so I will try to make these quick plans extra special anyway and I hope that as many of you as possible can join. Ill add the programme for this week in a little while :)

Picknick near river cam with a punting boat in the background - a typical sight in Cambridge.

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