Sunday, 4 December 2016

Our schedule for the coming week and some news.


10.30 am - Arts class the unschooling way with Luis Cerdas suitable for all kids. Please come 15 minutes before. In maze in tchaiovna near Hradcanska. 250 kc for 2 hours. Please tell me before so i know who is coming. We have space for more families. You are welcome to try it.


10.15 am - Family yoga session - for a small cost. Please tell me before so i know who is coming. Afterwards we will go to letna park and play. We might go iceskating too in Letna!

4 pm - We will start a math study circle where we will mainly use Khan academy. You need a laptop for this. We have one to lend. In Holesovice.


Ice-skating in Letna in the afternoon. Lets skate and then warm up with some hot chocolate or warm wine in the play park pub afterwards.


Programming at Paralelni Polis near Delnicka tram stop  at 10. (suitable for kids from about 4, no experience needed) 
We help and inspire each other with the programming, though there are tutorials that are easy to follow.

Friday afternoon at 4 - ginger bread baking and swedish xmas crafts! Come join us for this fun event. I will show you how we do xmas decorations and cards in Sweden. If you have any material to contribute with - like old toilet paper rolls and thin cardboard and glitter and string, please bring that along! 


10 am - PEFS football in Nebusice
3 pm - chess with chess nuts in maze in tchaiovna
5.30 pm - Melanie has another yoga class for kids that are very nice - really recommend it also.

As with all our activities and meetings - please let me know before if you are coming. 

Homeschooling swimming - We will swim 1-2 times a week. Evenings work best for us and we will go when we go. The Sutka pool is really nice so this will be our regular pool. Homeschooling families are welcome to join - hopefully there will be some time to hang out but i think  we will mostly be chasing our kids. :) at 7. Sutka has easy parking and there are buses going there too from Kobylisy. It is clean, with a very good area for small kids, river, slides for kids and a bit scarier slides for the adults too! The vystaviste pool is good for learning to swim, it just has a simple lap pool, this one is good if someone wants to have a swimming circle with us for learning to swim during the day time we can do that too. I will keep this activity flexible - if anyone wants to join - then let us know and we can decide times.

What we did last week

We need most of the actitivies I posted last week. The weather was quite bad apart from the Friday (and weekend). We spent a lot of time indoors. On Friday, we took the opportunity with the lovely weather and took time off work to go for a lovely walk in town and to the xmas market. 

Worldschooling flats for rent in an excellent location

We have been busy with our worldschooling flats - just got the keys last week for the second one! Both are located in an excellent location surrounded with wonderful eating places and lots of stuff to do and about 10 min from the centre.

Both will be fully equipped, newly renovated and for rent to worldschoolers at a decent cost from January. If you are interested in this please message me.

Christmas market in old town, Prague

Beautiful view from Letna Park

If you want to see more pictures and a good map of our thursday walk please see my other blog (its in swedish but translates to english with the button on the right side)

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