Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Plans for this week

Wednesday at 10 am - Programming at Paralelni Polis.

Wednesday after lunch - we will check out a pool that i heard is warm for our swimming circle - if you want to come with and try it you are welcome. We will start the actual swimming from next week.

Thursday - Visit to the botanical gardens 

Also Poetry, and scouting.

Friday and Saturday - European philosophy convention. Nature excursion on friday and talks on saturday. If you are interested in touching deeper on subjects within the non-aggression principle this will be a great event for you. I will be talking about peaceful parenting and following the non aggression principle within the family. You will need to register with Ondrej at the link above. Free event - donations is very much appreciated.

Sunday - Football with Prague english football club at 10/11 and chess for kids at A maze in Tchaiovna at 3 pm.

As always - please let us know the day before if you are coming to any activity.

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