Monday, 11 February 2019

Holesovice tips and worldschooling apartment

We wanted to share some nice tips from our neighbourhood which is close to the amazing Stromovka park in Holesovice and that we have a worldschooling apartment here that we rent out. It is a available from March. We are ideally looking for mid or long term guests. The apartment is conveniently located quite near the center on Delnicka street but away from the hustle and bustle there. It is fully equipped with everything a digital nomad worldschooling family would need. There are great activities and food options - most just within a few minutes walk or a short tram ride away. 

Here are some cool ideas that you can do in Holesovice and get a feel what it could be like to live there. If you already live in Prague we really recommend a trip out here. It is fairly quiet and full of nice surprises.

1 - Krokodyli zoo 

Here you can see crocodiles, turtles and such. Last time we were there we got to hold a snake.

2 - Take the P7 Boat to the other side 

This cute little boat is part of the public transport system so its a very economical and fun way to travel in Prague. It goes to the island and Karlin. On the other side in Karlin there is a beach pub with hammocks and an alternative play area. Karlin is nice to walk around in. The boat goes from the market, a few minutes walk away.

3 - Bitcoin cafe Paralelni Polis

This unique place is on Delnicka street, the same street as the worldschooling apartment. You can only pay with cryptocurrency. The staff is helpful for people new to this. There is an ATM there where you can change cash. Its a cosy place to play chess in a rainy day. There is coworking and events.

4 - Playground Sedmikraska 

This is a great little park for both small kids and big kids. There is an exercise part and football/basketball place. There is water which is good for hot summer days. Its inside of walls so the small ones cant escape easily.

5 - Vnitroblok and around

It is on Delnicka street. Here you have an alternative hipster co-working space, artsy activities, entreprenerial spirit. There is a school bus on the yard service burgers. There are interesting things to check out. There is a cafe, cinema, dancing etc.

6 - Prague market and vegetable hall 22

About 5 minutes walk from the apartment you will find the best place to buy vegetables and fruit. Walk through the stalls full of kitsch and find real vietnamese food in the market on the way there.

7 - Tram around

It is so easy to go and explore the city with the tram so close. You can go on tram 1, 6, 14 and 25 for instance to the old town in about 10-15 min, to Stromovka or Letna park in a couple of minutes, or to the Harfa mall in about 15 min.

8 -  Delis, butchers and bakers

There are many newly opened places where you can find delicious food both on Delnicka and Komunardu street. Go exploring. 

9 - Prague zoo

You can actually walk to the zoo the whole way but if you are in a hurry you can just jump on the tram and change for bus 112 at nadrazi holesovice. The nicest way is to take the tram to Vystaviste holesovice for about 6-7 minutes and walk through the park. There is a "free" boat that takes you across the river and then you are almost at the zoo. 

10 - Stromovka park

This park is incredibly beautiful no matter what season. In the winter you can go tobogganing and play with the ice on the ponds. In the summer people swim in the same ponds. There is also a duck pond, and a couple of play grounds. One of them has a cafe/pub attached which is handy.

11 - Ortonovo namesti playground

This little playground is just by the tram stop. Small kids likes it as and parents of small kids also as its fenced in.

12 - Beautiful food options

There are so many great food places. This is one of the best things with Holesovice. On the picture you can see red curry ramen and vietnamese coffee from Bento Cafe, a couple of minutes away from the apartment. Another great vietnamese place is Pho 559 which is 1 min away. There are many czech brewery restaurants as well, and other international options. There is chinese and curry within a minute from the apartment.

13 - Technical museum

Take the tram to Letenske namesti and you can reach both the technical and the agriculture museum. Both are great for kids however some staff might tell you off for kids being kids however there are a couple of play areas and a hall full of vehicles, on one of the steam engines the kids can go in. There is also a "mine" and a mecano room, as well as half a floor of astronomy and other interesting things. You can easily spend a whole day there. There is a cheap restaurant in the basement.

Book the Maniny apartment HERE for Airbnb or HERE at our website

Friday, 1 February 2019

February non-plans

We will cut down on organizing things a bit for the next couple of weeks, as we want to be flexible and be able to do things with short notice, however lets keep the worldschooling community spirit up - if you have a suggestion or would like to have a meet-up let me know and ill organize whether we will be there or not.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Things for worldschoolers in January

Activities for worldschoolers until the end of January: Come and join us!

Ice-skating at Ladvi plus visit to the Ticha kavarna wednesday 23/1

We will try a new ice-skating rink in Prague 8 plus go to a child friendly cafe run by hearing-impaired staff afterwards. More info about the ice-skating here and about the cafe here.
We will meet at 1 pm at Koupaliste ladvi ice-skating rink.

Worldschooling swimming thursday 24/1

Join us for swimming fun at Sutka, that has nice slides and different pools. We will meet at 2 pm at the entrance.

Nature meet-up on Friday 25/1

Would you like to come out for an excursion in beautiful nature? Us worldschoolers will meet at the field by McDonalds in Divoka Sarka nature reserve. We will bring warm clothes and some picnic. If there is a possibility we will make a fire. We will meet at 11. Anyone that is late can catch up. We will walk in the gorgeous ravine along the stream and play in the forest. Be prepared for a full day or half day venture. You can go there by car and park at McDonalds or take tram 26 to Divoka Sarka.

Skiing trip Monday 28/1 

Join us for a day trip out of Prague, you need a car. The place is not decided but it will be about 60-80 min from Prague.

Forest meet-up in Cibulka Wednesday 30/1

Join us in one of the favourite meet-up forest places for worldschoolers. Take bus 123 to the Naskove bus stop, we will meet there and walk to the play ground in the forest where you can build dens and have a picnic. We will meet at 11.

A picture from a Cibulka meet-up in the summer.

Favourite all time tip: Stromovka

We often meet with the worldschoolers spontaneously in the Stromovka park. Today I took two of my kids there and explored the frozen ice on the ponds. We made holes and measured the thickness of the ice. It was mostly 4-5 cm thick. There was funny noises through the ice cracking as we smashed it.. Someone had been iceskating, though we recommend 10 cm thickness before venturing out on the deep bits, hopefully by february the ice should be thick enough. Always be careful with ice and water. Water at this temperature makes you so numb you can barely move and there are people every year that fall in and die from not being careful. For exploring the thin ice on the ponds we recommend the clear ice by the long bridge in front of the Slechtova restaurace where you can see the bottom and its very shallow and quite stable. Beware though that there is always the risk of the ice breaking.

If you want to join any activity you must message us here or on facebook, to say your attending or is interested in the facebook event is not counted as a confirmation.

Monday, 7 January 2019

A new year - a new beginning - lets get together!

So this week we have not been as active as we usually are. Our littlest one has had yet another cold (they seem to be very frequent the last six months!) so we have put things on hold. But we are getting better and look forward to a fun start of this worldschooling year of 2019.

Today we went to Prague zoo, just me and the kids. Its sounds maybe like its not the best idea to take small kids to the zoo a rainy cold january-day but it was! We enjoyed both the outdoors and the indoors. Its not at all crowded of course. Typically we will only explore a small part of the zoo each time because its quite big. Today we had a look at especially the seals, penguins, crocodiles and we found a "new" indoor place with giant turtles and fruit bats. We spent about 3.5 hours in the zoo and plan to go back quite soon. At mondays its "happy monday" so its 50 czk for kids. If anyone would like to join us please let us know and well coordinate something next time!

Worldschooling meet ups and suggestions this week

Branik rope play ground
Tomorrow we will head to the rope playground in Branik. its very good and we have had many worldschooler meet ups there. Its good because its quite challenging rope climbing for bigger kids (and adults) and there is play areas for the smaller ones. Restaurace Korkoran that is located there is a good place to warm up. It has a play area for the littles and cheap lunch. We will meet at 1030. For directions and more info check To get there from the center, take tram 17 to Nadrazi Branik, or some other trams.

Worldschooling swim meet up at Letnany lagoon + indoor play ground

We will swim in one of our favourite pools and invite the worldschoolers to join us. Letnany lagoon is located right next to the Letnany mall, which is easy to get to by car or bus. The pool has a 25 m pool for exercise, a warm baby pool, two jacuzzis and a big slide that is slow and easy for littles. The changing room arrangement is quite easy with kids. It costs 140 kc for adults and 70 kc for kids and its free for the littles. We will meet at 12 on friday. After swimming we will head to the mall, for some lunch. The food court is very good with great indian and thai for instance. There are a couple of free indoor play grounds and one that you can pay for. More info at

Film screening at Kino Pilotu.

Have a look at Ralph breaks the internet at this child friendly place this weekend. I think a few worldschoolers and expat kids will turn up! For details see link. We will not go to this.

If you want to join a meet up please message us in advance.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Winter activities for families and worldschoolers in Prague and around

The summer is long and the shift to cold weather is fast in the Czech Republic. The weather is pleasant until mid-November. You can swim outside until the end of September and go out with just a sweater for most of October. Then the leaves fall, the sky can be cloudy for several days, the temperature stays a few degrees above zero c and it doesnt feel as easy to go outside with the littles . You can find indoor things these days, which there are plenty of fun and constructive opportunities or dress well and get out into nature. Winter is snowy in the mountains and sometimes the snow comes to town. I have seen people skating on the same ponds in the park that we swam in the summer.

But the nicest winter activities are outside of town. If you dont have snow in the city you will find snow there. Here are our favorite family tips on what to do during the winter months in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Go ice-skating! 

In December, the out-of-town ice skating places opens. There are many places as its quite popular here. The quality of the ice varies but overall it is good, and cheap! I think every place are renting out skates but not all rent out helmets. Some have "learning tools" like seals, whales and penguins that you can push or sit on, or just simple aids for the little ones. The cost is free or very cheap. We have tried these places:

Letna park has free ice skating. There are views over Prague Castle, close to playground and more views. There is a "beer tent" with sunbeds right next door. Sometimes it can be a lot of people and then the ice is not good so it is best to go when others go to school or work.

If you want to go in the old town can go iceskating at Na Františku. It is a bit more expensive but it is centrally located and there is a playground and area to run around at. Good for toddlers and good hot dogs

Kasarna Karlin is a hidden large artsy hipster courtyard near the messy long-distance bus stop at Florenc. There are fun art and among other things, a unicorn statue. This is also good for toddlers as there is a lot of space to run at, quiet, and there are "whales" to push and sit on and good toilets.

Arkády Pankrác is a shopping centre in Prag 4. The iceskating rink is outside the entrance. There are fun penguins and seals to go with.

You can see a list with other icerinks in Prague on this link.

Go skiing and snowboarding in the mountains

We have tested various ski resorts in the Czech Republic. Most are within 1-2 hours drive of Prague. Because of the proximity you can make day trips if you don't want to spend money on accommodation in the mountains, which can be economical if you live in town! Otherwise, accommodation is cheap if you dont go when others go. There are many ski resorts, mostly on the mountain ranges that surrounds the country. Here are some favourites that are good for toddlers and beginners:

Bozi Dar is located near the German border. When we were there there were meter-high piles of snow along the roads. The slopes are very good for beginners with button lifts. In the vicinity are steeper ski slopes.

Bozi Dar

Lipno is close to the beautiful fairy tale town Cesky Krumlov near the Austrian border. The ski resort is very child-friendly. There are play rooms and a water park as well as ice skating on the lake and comfortable accommodation. Read about our stay in Lipno here.

Severak is located in the Jizera Mountains about 80 minutes north of Prague. It is very child-friendly with beginner's slopes with button lifts, a playroom for babies and a great toboggan slope.

The toboggan slope in Severak

The ski resort Jested is close to the city of Liberec, with motorway almost all the way a little over an hour from Prague. Its quick to get there so we have gone on day trips. At the top there is a needle-shaped strange hotel reminiscent of a villain's nest in a James bond film. The slopes are quite steep for beginners but there is an area for children and one can jump off the t-lift that is visible in picture before it gets too steep.

Picture from Czech tourism
Another tip is the unschoolers two winter camps that are held this winter. There is a ski resort in Poland just 15 minutes or so from there.


The Czechs like to climb. There are many places for indoor climbing and cool mountains with natural "bouldering". Climbing is perfect for bad weather. It is possible to get private lessons cheap and climbing equipment is affordable as well. On average, it usually costs 80 kc in entry. Some favorite places are;


Smichoff is the largest climbing center we know of. Its old, tall factory buildings. There are different variations of walls and a room for bouldering and a playroom for toddlers. It is located near Smichov in Prague 5.

Big wall is our most favorite place. Here the boys get private lessons in climbing in English for not much money. It's big and fresh. It is located in Prague 9.

Boulder bar is a child-friendly bouldering place near Stromovka Park. It is easy to get there and easy to bring a 1 year old so we go there regularly. There are childrens walls with slides and many more or less advanced walls for the larger people. It feels like there is a need for renovation, but it's okay!

On Boulder bar with our friend Pontus that is an expert climber.

Lokalblok is a restaurant with bouldering and a play area in Prague 5 which we havent visited yet but would like to try as it looks like there is a good playroom for toddlers and a nice outdoor beer garden restaurant.

Cold and rainy weather is perfect for creative and educational indoor activities

During those days that you dont want to stay out for a long time you can do more of the things you might not have done if it was warm and sunny. Then you can, for example:

It feels extra good that the soup is not only tasty but bought with sound money as well.

Meet friends in cozy cafes where you can do some activity or socialize with the family. Some favorite places are the bitcoin café Paralelni Polis where we sometimes have a coffee break, eat some crypto lunch, play chess or go to a lecture, film or event. We have had minecraft and programming meetings there for the worldschoolers. You can only pay with decentralized crypto currencies, such as bitcoin. If you dont have bitcoin you can quickly learn how it works as the staff is happy to help and you can buy bitcoin in the ATM there.

Kids playing chess with friends Pontus and Ulrika at Maze.

Another favorite cafe is A maze in Tchaiovna, run by the enthusiastic Englishman Andy, who is happy to organize activities for the community and homeschoolers. There are various workshops to go on, discussion meetings, stand up comedy, lots of board games and books as well as a very cozy atmosphere. It's a maze and they take bitcoin and cash. There is a play are for toddlers as well. And of course the city's best chai tea.

Learn from an expert. One of the best things about home schooling is that you take responsibility for the children's learning in a way that suits them and you can design the learning entirely yourself with the kids and bring in knowledge from others when you think it is needed. You need to have a proactive mind I think for home schooling to be ultimately successful but you also need to take it in the childs pace and at the childs terms. You can always ask if there is someone who is an expert on something the kids are interesting in and if they want to teach your kids. It may be better than being bound to a group course for some kids. I think it's a good way to get inspiration from others and try  different things. Here at a private arts lesson with an artist from Costa Rica at the Maze café.

If you dont want to hire one on one tutors perhaps the kids would like to go on a course or workshop with others. We can recommend these places: Brainobrain for mathematics with abacus. Kiddum-lego and robotics schoolDrawplanet arts school.

In Prague there are so many museums and courses and activities for things that you thought of and didnt think of For example, the modern art museum Narodni Galerie has nice cheap workshops for small children. The Christian library arranges story telling and creative workshops for homeschoolers.

Aqua parks and indoor swimming

A favorite activity here a shiveringly cold rainy day is swimming. It is important for safety to learn to swim so we encourage the children to both play and exercise swimming techniques. The best thing is to go to swimming pools with both a swimming exercise pool and fun things. The easiest place to go with several children, and especially a 1 year old that runs off all the time, is Letnany Lagoon. It is quite small but there is a 25-meter exercise swimming pool, a large slow slide, a baby pool and two jacuzzis. You get an overview over the whole place which is good when the children go in different directions.

Bild från Letnany Lagoon.

A favorite swimming place that is near us and that we go to without the 1-year-old (staying at home with an adult) is Aquapark Šutka because its quite big and there are more advanced slides than Letnany Lagoon, there is a river, a 50 meter pool, jacuzzis, and a warm learning swimming pool. However, it is quite difficult to get an overview if you are there with many children because of the layout.

A good swimming pool that is only for exercise swim in is located at Vystaviste Holesovice. It's cheap, fresh and it's quiet there.

We have also been to a huge water park called Aqua Palace which is one of the largest in central Europe. Its located in southern Prague. It's expensive but it's the dream for people that love water slides.

Visit a science center

We think it's great fun to go to a science center. I know of 3 places in the Czech Republic and we have visited all of course. The favorite is VIDA Science centrum in Brno, which is a little over 2 hours away by train from Prague. There is a lot to do and you need 2 days I think. Chemistry workshops and activities for children are also held there.

The closest science centers are in Liberec (IQLANDIA) and in Plzen (TECHMANIA), which is about an hours drive from Prague. The former has several floors of experiments and an outdoor area for water experiments. The latter has a planetarium connected to it.

En short film about our 2-day visit at Vida science centrum

Prague worldschooling

I arrange activities and meet ups through Prague worldschooling on a regular basis. Larger meetings and planned events are advertised on the facebook page and the blog otherwise we spontaneously hang out. Anyone who wants to know more about our worldschooling group is welcome to read the blog or the facebook page. We welcome new worldschoolers and initiative initiatives.

Friday, 28 December 2018

A czech unschooling farm and lots of snow!

Även på svenska HÄR

Generally speaking, I think people here in the Czech Republic are quite proactive. It's life and movement amongst the people. They do things so things happen. The unschooling movement is active and visible in the media. The czech unschoolers even bought a farm far out at the countryside where they arrange camps and activities for them. The farm Svobodum is located in the village Jindřichovice pod Smrkem. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A long time ago, after World War II, 90% of the people who were Germans were forced to move from the country to Germany. Many communities were emptied and new people moved in. Or the houses were left to their decay. Those who moved in are therefore mostly newcomers. Many alternative people go there to get away and to get more freedom. In Jindřichovice pod Smrkem you can live off-grid and outside of the system without the state meddling with your life so much. There are not so many municipal workers in the municipality. If I remember correctly it was only 5!

On the way there we went via Jizerské hory, which is a mountain area near Liberec. We wanted to check out a ski resort called Severák that should be really child-friendly. There was a great tobogganing hill and a cozy pub there.

The childrens slope in Severák. Notice the unusual christian cross!

Edward in a baby toboggan for the first time. There were really cute wooden houses in the villages here. Stripey in two colours. They reminded me of traditional Swedish houses.

Finally snow!

Henry found the longest icicle. And a dug down pineapple. That he dug down once again later in Jindřichovice pod Smrkem.

The big toboggan slope.

We moved on to the unschooling farm. There were icy roads through something that felt as far far away in the Czech Republic - as far as one could get. Far away from modern civilization and the long claws of the state.

The Svobodum-farm is 100% private and belongs to the unschooling-organisation Svoboda Uceni.

We were welcomed by the friendly unschooling Kandler-family who were looking after the community-house. They showed us around there and in the village. We walked to a farm to buy raw milk. And pulled our sledges on the icy roads between the stone houses. The father, Michal, told about the other alternative families living in the village. There was a democratic school, which is officially a kind of association, where the children went 3 days a week. At regular intervals, camps are organized, especially for unschooling beginners, who can take the opportunity to get questions answered and meet like-minded people there. Everyone is welcome. There were several families who were unschooled or home schooled in the village and around. There were families who built their own houses of adobe clay and natural materials so workshops were sometimes held on natural construction on the camps as well.

A walk in the village Jindřichovice pod Smrkem with the Kandler family to buy milk.

They told us that an 80-year-old lady lived alone in this cute mushroom-like house built in "Adobe" clay.

On the way back to the farm.

The village is right next to the Polish border where there are high mountains. We went to Świeradów-Zdrój which has a ski slope and cable car. Unfortunately, the slope was closed but the children took the opportunity to go tobogganing. Then our family took the cable car to the top to see what was there. It was clear weather in the morning but when we got to the top we also came into a cloud world. It was quite white. The branches of the spruce trees were snowy and there was no wind. I pulled Henry on the toboggan to the highest point where there was a mobile mast. We got no view but I left a message on the fence then Henry went down the hill to the cable car.

View from the cable car on the way to the top.

Edward had a blast at the cable car.

There was so much snow and so cold that it was only me and Henry who dared to go exploring

Can you see what I've written on the fence?

Henry in the winter landscape. When it is not cloudy you can see many miles away.

The trees could barely hold up the snow!

The Svobodum farm is run by the unschooling organization Svoboda Učení. Their manifesto can be read here. In summary, their view is based on the respect and trust in the child, to follow the non-aggression principle, and that the state should be separate from education.

This summer, a worldschooling camp is held in English on the same farm. I will post more information about the camp which will be held 12th to 21st July 2019.

We started building at 1 pm but we didntt know that it would be an advanced building session then. The plan was to make a snowman and continue the journey. But the balls were too big so we put them in a ring instead. And continued to build after lunch.

Hejnice-church and the monastery.

Fantastic paintings inside the Hejnice-church.

Hejnice was incredibly beautiful even though it was cloudy. The mountains looked much bigger in reality. The river had clear water. It was quiet and peaceful.

Me and Edward warmed up at the pastry shop. Edward had a kind of crispy roll and I ordered a dick-shaped cake called "špička". It wasn't good. Maybe because it tasted too sweet and a white-yellow liquid dripped out from the top! 

It was not just a snow castle but it was adorned too!

Finally, the castle was completed. We had to finish building because it was too dark and cold.

A short film with pictures and videos!